Update on the Spurgeon Trial

Update on the Spurgeon Trial

To recap, the husband, Daniel, already received 25 years of hard time (no probation) for multiple counts of physical and sexual abuse and torture of minors under this couple’s care. Additionally, after an ongoing legal battle between this villainous duo and the state, Jenise Rae Spurgeon, 58, finally pleaded guilty to 11 counts of aggravated child abuse.

In exchange, 14 of her 15-year sentence is probation. That may not seem like enough, but thanks to the ongoing efforts of Robert and Kathleen Raskin to stay up to date on these failures of the foster care system, we can breathe a sigh of relief that these two are out of the child torture business.

Moreover, this has precipitated a class-action suit by the victims against the Alabama Department of Human Resources for their negligence and ineptitude. In multiple child abuse cases, some of which ended in death, the police discovered deplorable conditions inconsistent with the reports of routine visits and welfare checks by DHR allegedly occurring within a week of a crime.

In this case, Florida authorities discovered some of the kids intoxicated near the beach, which uncovered that Alabama authorities had no idea the children were moved out of state, which is not allowed. Even worse, they were gone for several years, and the Alabama DHR visits are annual at minimum. This spells outright fraud.

I wish I could see these two scumbags’ heads roll into a basket in the town square, but for now, we’ll have to accept the victory we’ve been given. I think we can all agree that DHR needs to be stripped of its authority to do anything other than to fix itself or be fixed by some other means.

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