Pueblo DHR Pleads No Contest in Case of Toddler Murdered by Foster Parents

Pueblo DHR Pleads No Contest in Case of Toddler Murdered by Foster Parents

15-month-old Aiden Seeley, pictured above, is now dead. Unfortunately, the Pueblo Colorado Dept. of Human Resources took this boy and his two siblings from abusive parents and stuck them with foster parents that were even worse. Once again, we can thank the Raskins for shedding light on stories of foster care abuse so the rest of us get a peek behind the curtain and the injustices that plague our nation’s family legal system.

Here’s a recap of the case:

The child’s parents (pictured above) plead guilty to abusing their three children, along with underfeeding them and doing drugs in front of them. So, a court decided to give the children a better life by sending them to a foster family, pictured below.

Less than three months later, the youngest child, Aiden, 15 months, is tortured and later dies in the hospital of his injuries. His 5-year-old brother witnesses everything and cries every night.

The court decides to send the remaining two kids back to their original parents. However, less than three months later, the 5-year-old boy is flown via helicopter to the Children’s Burn Unit in Denver for second-degree burns resulting from his mother bathing him.

This went to trial, and the DHR pleaded no contest. They paid out $6M to the remaining siblings and parents in exchange for making all of this go away. Fortunately, the deadbeat mother’s Aunt Rachel, a nurse, is the 5-year-old boy’s caregiver. She still speaks out about the injustice.

For more about this story, click here: 2/7/22: https://krdo.com/news/2022/02/07/sibling-of-dead-pueblo-foster-child-receives-1-5-million-in-settlement-with-county/

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