Alabama DHR Victimized Due to Their Own Bad Reputation

Alabama DHR Victimized Due to Their Own Bad Reputation

In the most recent lawsuit against the Alabama DHR, a Pike County woman with foster kids is accused of forging drug tests sent to remain in custody of her foster children. Judge rules in favor of protecting DHR from releasing documents that reveal who blew the whistle on this deadbeat mom. Meanwhile, woman’s lawyer positions this as DHR trying to avoid releasing documents that could threaten their otherwise bad reputation even more.

This is just one of many such reports of the ongoing troubles involving foster children, the DHR, and the family courts. This is always brought to you by Robert and Kathleen Raskin, the crusaders in the battles against any institution that allows children to suffer.

So, while we often comment on DHR’s poor performance as ongoing culprits in so many cases of child abuse, neglect, and even death, this is one case where it appears their greatest enemy is themselves. Thanks to the ongoing litigation, legal steps are being taken to hold DHR accountable for their poor performance. Time will tell if they’re able to fix what ails them.

In this case however, it seems blood on the water is bringing out the sharks, as the negligent woman’s attorney’s only defense is to shift blame back to the DHR because they already have a bad reputation. Meanwhile, the proof has already been presented that the plaintiff has forged all documents indicating that she passed the drug tests necessary to continue on as a foster mother.

Subsequent drug testing reveals not only marijuana, which is legal in many states, but methamphetamine, which is legal in zero states, and for very good reason. While the DHR deserves to suffer the results of its own inadequacy, this is no excuse for other negligent parties to abuse the situation for their own personal gain. At the end of the day, it’s the kids whose safety hangs in the balance. They deserve better than this.

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