Foster Parents Accused of Prostitution Ring

Foster Parents Accused of Prostitution Ring

A foster parent in Manhattan, 51-year-old Sharice Mitchell, is being charged with running a sex-trafficking operation out of her home with her foster kids. Join Robert and Kathleen Raskin as they lead you to another case of mismanagement by the child foster care system that caused more kids to slip through the cracks.

From Nov 2018 to just a few days ago, Sharice had been considered a model citizen for helping get youths off the streets by offering them a home. But unfortunately, the authorities weren’t informed that her live-in boyfriend, Kareen Mitchell, 38, is a registered sex offender with a history of sex trafficking underaged and/or vulnerable girls on and off the streets.

Since the law permits foster children to leave home at 18, it also offers parents and children financial assistance until they’re 21. That’s when Kareen’s plan kicks in. By using a combination of physical and psychological coercion, Kareen would get these young women to agree to become prostitutes to basically pull their own weight.

Unfortunately, New York’s Child Welfare System doesn’t require annual checkups, nor does it need to know about other people or residences outside of what’s registered by the foster care system.

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