Yet Another…

Yet Another…

In Sanford, FL, Child Protective Services informed the police about Justin Dwayne Johnson, Sr., 47(above), saying that he wanted to talk to someone in law enforcement about suspicion of child pornography. The police investigation turned up thousands of images and videos on his own devices, including cameras hidden within his home. This included evidence of sexual abuse of his foster kids of multiple ages over the years. As usual, this stuff doesn’t make it to the national news cycles since it doesn’t fit the media’s global narrative. But, thanks to the unwavering commitment of Rob and Kathleen Raskin, no one’s story is ever limited to their local or state news.

On February 15, a warrant was issued for Johnson’s arrest based on his possession of more than 10 images of child pornography. He was taken into custody in Orlando and extradited to a correctional facility in Seminole County. He was charged with three separate sex offenses, including video voyeurism with a child below 16, plus two additional counts of possessing more than 10 pieces of child pornography. As the investigation continues, it’s possible that more evidence will lead to more offenses and more time served. But, for the time being, we’ll just be glad that there’s one less creep out there to hurt these poor, defenseless kids.

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