$12.6M Bonuses to Alabama DHR Caseworkers

$12.6M Bonuses to Alabama DHR Caseworkers

The latest in Alabama’s ongoing struggles to shore up the holes in the DHR system involve throwing Federal tax dollars at a tiny aspect of this corrupted institution. Since the most recent complaints are based on the devastating effects of COVID on this already-burdened system, the COVID 19 Stimulus Package, aka the American Rescue Plan, has granted $12.6M to Alabama’s Department of Human Resources to attempt to fix the problem. As always, Rob and Kathleen Raskin have their eyes on this matter and are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest developments.

So, the details of this federal grant to Alabama’s DHR are a two-year plan to allow full-time and part-time caseworkers to apply quarterly for bonuses of $1500 and $750, respectively, as an attempt to retain and recruit workers. While we sympathize with the plight of the overburdened caseworkers in the grossly overwhelmed system, what we really want is what’s best for our children. Meanwhile, multiple class-action lawsuits have recently gone after the DHR system directly for its negligence in the physical, mental, and sexual abuse and deaths of various foster children, all of which were deemed to have been verified as safe by DHR caseworkers. In every case with a tragic ending, police found either long-term evidence of filth or dilapidation to the kids being illegally moved out of state for well over a year.

Now, I know the recent settlement(s) of one or more class-action suits led to money changing hands, so the problem would just disappear. Legally, this must be respected, but buyer beware. The social decay at the core of this issue will not go away with more money. On the contrary, there’s reason to believe that money is the motivation and mechanism that allows this problem affecting our children to persist and to proliferate. As always, we hope we’re wrong, but we’ll see.

Click here to read the article: https://www.wsfa.com/2022/03/04/alabama-dhr-issues-2nd-round-bonuses-child-care-workers/

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