Massachusetts and New Hampshire Battle in Court Over Who’s Worse

Massachusetts and New Hampshire Battle in Court Over Who’s Worse

In 2020, New Hampshire child protective services visited Adam Montgomery, the father of the missing 7-year-old, Harmony Montgomery, to check on the child’s welfare. The man said she was with her mother, Crystal Sorey, in Massachusetts. The officials left and updated their reports without calling the child’s mother to verify this. Two years later, Crystal would like to know why she still doesn’t have her daughter back. Robert and Kathleen Raskin have been following this case, as always, and are dedicated to ensuring that stories like these don’t go unnoticed just because they aren’t in the national news cycle.

Massachusetts’ reaction is to dump $50M new dollars into overhauling their existing guardian ad litem program, with no discernable reason if the program was flawed in the first place. As usual, it’s all lawyers and legal battles over who’s going to do what to prove they’re complying legally, but what about the children? There may never be a fix to the problem of children needing foster families, and they’re certainly will never be an end to the predators abusing the system for their own nefarious purposes. There must be a Federal intervention into the current system in each state that prevents incompetence, gross negligence, legal loopholes, and whatever else causes a system bought and paid for to fail at its most critical moment.

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