49 States Withhold Money From Foster Kids

49 States Withhold Money From Foster Kids

As always, the Raskins are on this story like a bloodhound on a fox to ensure everyone can keep up with issues regarding the safety of children.

In accordance with the Social Security Administration, children in foster care with a disability or who suffered the death of a parent are entitled to disability funds or the parent’s social security income. However, a legal loophole in 49 states prevents the kids from getting the money. According to the current laws that make up this loophole, it’s up to the states to provide their own resources for foster care, but the states are legally able to become the children’s financial representatives.

Currently, the Foster Care system in NY has a plan to lead the way for everyone. They offer training to the kids and their families on financial literacy. This goes hand-in-hand with setting up a bank acct for each child once they’re adopted or ready to age out of the system. This can lead to a shot at moving out into their first apartment or paying for college.

Slowly but surely, some of the other states are coming around. Better late than never, as this has been going on for how long? Exactly. Pay close attention to the states that drag their feet on this, which could shed light on underperforming foster care systems around the country.

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