Colorado Bill to Offer Free College to Foster Care Kids

Colorado Bill to Offer Free College to Foster Care Kids

A bill that would provide free college tuition to all kids coming out of foster care is making its way through the Colorado congress. If it passes, all public higher education institutions will wave undergraduate tuition fees for Colorado residents students if they‘re products of the foster care system.

While this may not reflect the usual tone of crisis inherent to our usual blog articles, The Raskins are very civic-minded and believe in fair and balanced reporting. They understand that there is rarely a deficit of items to complain about, but once in a while, something promising, almost miraculous, comes along that restores an iota of faith in the system. At the end of the day, we all care about the livelihood of children, and this bill looks pretty good.

In theory, the dollar value typically assigned per child is normally awarded to the foster parent per foster child under 18 or 21, depending on the state. Much of what we report on seems to be related to abuse of this system for the money, while the child is neglected, physically or sexually abused, and sometimes tortured or even killed.

To see a common-sense program like this is a breath of fresh air. Why? Simple. The money to pay for college doesn’t benefit the parents as much as the kid. This gives them hope on the horizon to have a life outside of foster care. Without regard to Colorado’s foster care system, in particular, this bill could pave the way to a solution for each state. After all, who better to promote ideas to fix state foster care systems than college-educated adults who grew up in the rotten foster care system themselves?

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