2 Toddlers Dead Within a Year of Adoption

2 Toddlers Dead Within a Year of Adoption

The Rivera family of Fort Bragg, NC, had four kids, two of them adopted. A year later, the two adopted kids are dead. Each precipitated a 911 call, each for the child unexplainably turning purple and not breathing. However, in each case, autopsies cite the cause of death as “blunt force trauma” to the head, neck, and throat, not including similar injuries likely incurred at earlier dates. No investigation has been made despite one police report following the death of the second child.

Thanks to state laws shielding the records of these cases, there’s no way of knowing what has been investigated thus far. However, no children have been removed from this home, which violates state laws regarding the abuse, neglect, and death of children. This is an ongoing story under state investigation, so we hope you’ll continue to check in with us to see what develops.

The Raskins are bringing this story to you because they know what it’s like to be victimized by the foster care system, family courts, and the unfair “guardian ad litem” laws. As a result, they tirelessly follow these stories and report them here. In every case, they’re big enough to make the local and state news and even become an ongoing report, but it never makes it to the national news.

Click here to read the rest of the story: https://abc11.com/feature/deadly-adoptions-anthony-rivera-child-abuse-welfare/11658903/

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