Arizona DCS Fails Another Child

This is Robert and Kathleen Raskin of Las Vegas, and once again we are angered and saddened to report that another child has been ripped from a loving family only to suffer permanent injuries in foster care, thanks to the agency that was supposed to protect her. When a neighbor heard three-year-old Devani’s parents fighting, they called the authorities. Devani was not present at the time, and despite the fact no abuse of the child was observed, proven, or even alleged, Arizona’s DCS removed her from her parents’ care and placed her into not one, but two, horrific situations, one of which will leave the girl badly scarred for life.


A Foster Care Nightmare

After the girl was taken for no reason, she was placed in a home in which she immediately began showing signs of abuse, which included everything from bite marks to the frequent UTIs that are hallmarks of sexual abuse. Devani’s parents reported this abuse to police and social workers, but they were ignored, and the girl’s mother was accused of disrupting the foster care system. It was eventually revealed that the foster father, David Frodsham, had been using the girl and other foster children in his child pedophilia ring. He is now serving a sentence of 17 years, but that is not anything compared to the sentence Devani is serving since her next foster parent—Samantha Osteraas—submerged the child in a scalding bath, resulting in the loss of all ten of her toes, organ failure, and burns over 80% of her body. Mrs. Osteraas is facing felony charges, but this is yet another case of too little, too late.


How are these monsters continually approved as foster parents, and when are these agencies going to learn that foster care is a risky option for many children? We, Robert and Kathleen Raskin, demand answers, so please join us in demanding change.

One thought on “Arizona DCS Fails Another Child

  1. I recently have seen some things that blow my mind. Literally just blow my mind.

    A mother got a dcs case in January took it to trial and prior to trial it was dismissed. DCS released the child to the bio father whom had only recently met the child and whom they knew to be very violent in beating his mother and his current girlfriend as well as another mother to another of his children. (Including having been arrested during the case for violence related acts) the mother filed in family court after picking the child up for her weekend and discovering numerous bruises. Family court judge gave her full custody…. And woman and child beating father called the cell phone of dcs caseanager Olivia Groby whom made sure a new dependency was filed on the basis that the child wasn’t returned so the mother must be mentally unstable. Under our laws here in the united States one judge can’t over rule another judge so all they could do was a new dependency. Despite the reasoning being they wanted child to stay with a batterer…..our system is out of control.

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