Indiana Can’t Enforce Case Limits

Hello, this is Kathleen and Robert Raskin, and today we’re bringing you a bit of disappointing news. The Indianapolis Supreme Court is once again refusing to get involved or to set any limits on the power of their Department of Child Services. In 2015 the ACLU of Indiana sued the department on behalf of a case manager, and instead of stepping in to do what was right for children, the courts instead chose to continue to take a hands-off approach.

Children at Risk

Family case manager Mary Price claimed that she was just one of many case workers whose workloads were so heavy that children were being put at risk. As we all know, many of these cases aren’t cases at all and are instead merely abuses of the system. The case workers are being spread too thin because there is no watchdog group in place to prevent them from taking every report to the extreme, and the result is that children who are actually in danger are being harmed, while children who were never really in danger are being placed in harm’s way.


The Verdict

This past Monday, the court ruled that this isn’t an issue they can resolve, but if they can’t step in, who will? We are Kathleen and Robert Raskin, and we demand justice for children and families. The system needs a complete overhaul, but corrupt officials refuse to take even the smallest step in the right direction. With too many children to oversee, the danger to the kids who need protection the most is increased exponentially, and this is a risk that is morally unacceptable. It’s time to demand change.

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