Update on Foster Care Crisis in Texas

Update on Foster Care Crisis in Texas

Hundreds of kids in the Dallas foster care system have been living in hotels, caseworker’s offices, and churches, because of a shortage of foster care facilities and families. This has now progressed to a lawsuit by multiple lawyers on behalf of 10,000 children, stating that the two separate state agencies are unwilling to take bold enough action to fix a broken system.

Thanks to the tenacious and committed efforts of Rob and Kathleen Raskin to keep up with issues like this, the rest of the country can stay informed and up to date.

Since the meeting of the expert panel last fall to fix this issue, they’ve run out of ideas. Aside from offering more money and other incentives to family members, there’s no doubt that foster families are better than the current conditions. Why there seems to be no forward movement is unclear. It appears that the state is not responding as urgently as the lawyers believe it should, given the circumstances.

US Congress has earmarked funds and other resources to ensure each state has to resolve issues like this, but it isn’t being activated. A simple resolution to create a safe place for children to sleep is what hangs in the balance. How much red tape could there be? What’s the end game? Asking for more money?

Stay tuned while we await updates on this tragic issue.

Here’s the rest of the story: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/texas-foster-care-agencies-face-lawsuit-over-bed-shortage/2891947/

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