Social Worker to be Fired for Falsifying Evidence

A British social worker is to be fired for falsifying evidence that could have caused a mother to lose her two children. Although this is just one of many workers both in the US and in the UK who have committed the same offense and there is still a long way to go, we, Robert and Kathleen Raskin of Las Vegas, are always pleased to report cases in which corrupt child protective services workers are removed from their positions. If only more of these workers were held to higher standards, families and children would finally be protected from this grievous abuse of power.


A Disgrace to Her Profession

Bristol city council worker Linda Fraser will be terminated by the Health and care Professionals Council, which has determined that her fitness to practice has been irreparably impaired by her conduct.  Ms. Fraser was a senior social worker, so there is no telling how many other families’ lives were torn apart by her corruption. She admitted to editing her records on the case two times after the notes have been finalized to strengthen her case to have the children taken from their mother, this is most likely just the tip of the iceberg. A judge found her guilty, and she appeared before a disciplinary panel, and now we are demanding to know why she is not serving time as well.


The disgraced worker has filed an appeal in which she claims she could not remember changing the records, blaming mental health issues and stress for her actions. When children’s lives are at stake, however, it is the duty of these workers to not let issues like mental problems interfere with the child’s placement. If the duties of the job are so stressful that the workers cannot be trusted to do what is right for children and families, then we, Kathey and Rob Raskin, and the rest of you who are concerned about these issues need to continue to fight for reform in the child protective services system.

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