Missouri Man Accused of Molesting Multiple Foster Kids Since 1995

Missouri Man Accused of Molesting Multiple Foster Kids Since 1995

A news report from yesterday reveals that a man in Lincoln County, MO, Ronald Gene Graham, Jr., has been accused of sexually molesting multiple foster children. According to the court’s records, authorities allege some victims were as young as 12. The charges include 10 felony counts of statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and child molestation, dating back to 1995.

As usual, you’re not likely to hear this type of report outside of the local news coverage area, which is why Ron and Kathleen Raskin are always on the prowl to bring reports of injustice against foster children to light. While we always hope to never find something new to report, we always do.

Graham currently has three foster kids living in his home, and the total headcount of kids that have been placed with him by the state is 42. Prosecutors expect more victims to come forward as time passes. Meanwhile, according to court documents, his wife was never aware of the abuse, of which some occurred while she was out of town.

When asked by local news if these two would continue to have the current three foster kids, prosecutors refused to comment on an ongoing investigation.

Regardless of what legal speedbumps may make this process difficult, it seems this is going to be the size of case in both scope and severity necessary to gain traction and public attention until whatever mistake or loophole or whatever allowed this situation to continue all these years to finally be confronted and fixed.

Click here for the whole story: https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/lincoln-county-foster-parent-accused-of-sexually-abusing-multiple-children/

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