This Video Details the Horrific DHR/CPS Issues Throughout the Country!

The very disturbing truth!

As many as 80% of all removals of children from their homes are unnecessary according to authorities quoted in this video.

Alabama is no exception. For the almighty dollar, the corruption is as extensive if not more extensive than many other states in the country.

As you can see, the News, as well as Senators and Congressmen are fully aware of the problems, but it’s a $20+ BILLION a year industry so nobody has the guts to step up and make changes.

Nancy Schaefer, a former Georgia State Senator, was allegedly murdered in her home along with her husband as she continued to speak out, insisting that parental rights should never be taken away without a jury trial.

DHR/CPS have more authority that the FBI, SWAT and the POLICE. They can go into a home a remove a child without a warrant and without a court order.

We will continue to fight, and since Congress doesn’t seem willing to change the law, the next best way is to sue, in every case, and force each county into bankruptcy by placing multi-million dollar judgments against them.

Take the time to watch this video and then call your Governor, Senators and Congressmen and ask them what they intend to do about this horrific issue!!!

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I’m Rob!

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