The Conspiracy against us is much bigger than we thought!

Here are the simple facts:

1. DHR has little to do with the safety and welfare of children.

2. The more children they have in the system, the more money the make.

3. They have no regard for the families they destroy or the lives they ruin.

4. The entire system is corrupt, so there’s rarely ever any justice.

5. The fact that they are destroying families is a plus for them.

These 5 points sound like they don’t make sense, but to anyone who has had their child stolen, and has been unable to remedy the situation, will tell you first-hand that once they take your child, the odds of you ever getting the child back is small, the scams they run are extensive, the legal maneuverings are dirty, and ultimately, time after time, they win because it’s one big conspiracy with tons of money at stake.

The evil that’s gripped our nation, at this point, is astounding, and in fact, overwhelming. As I write this, we are being invaded by illegal immigrants many of whom are jihadists, from 74 countries world-wide.

While DHR’s throughout the nation disrespect our children and our families, they continue to allow illegal children with unknown diseases and no medical screening into our country to infect our children.

I expect this fall and winter to be the beginning of the fiercest battle in world history, on our streets, here in America. I believe that America, and Americans throughout the country, are at serious risk of the same battle as we’re currently seeing in Israel, in Iraq, and so on.

The illegal invasion of our great country was funded by a $6.5 BILLION bill which went into effect on 10/1/13. So when people say that we should call our congressmen, the sad fact is that THEY are the ones who voted to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to FUND THE DEMISE OF OUR NATION.

I wish I had better news for you, but the facts are that the government has no respect for the family unit, no regard for the safety or well-being of your family and your children, and no concern as to whether or not a real safety issue exists. It’s a matter of money, of control, and of destroying as many families as possible.

The only thing I can suggest is that you prepare at this point for the war that lies ahead. If you are not stocked up on food and water, weapons and ammo, first aid and medicine, communications and meeting areas, you need to get busy TODAY.

Go to to read up on how to form defensive teams in your neighborhood to protect your lives and property when the time comes. There’s also a general supply list, and a story of a Bosnian survivalist who survived what I believe that we are about to face shortly.

Few recognized the abuse by the social workers, the courts, the government itself. The late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the brave truth seekers, and she and her husband were murdered as a result of speaking out.

The fact remains that evil has gripped our nation, and not only are our children not safe, and not only are our families not safe, from government intervention, but shortly, they will try to kill us with disease, then with jihad, then with loss of electric, and so on, to achieve their goal of destroying America itself and replacing her with the North American Union, which is a combination of Canada, America and Mexico. Google “petreous after america what” for more information, or feel free to direct your questions to me.

For more information, go to this link:

God bless each and every one of you and may all be safe and survive what’s coming.




One thought on “The Conspiracy against us is much bigger than we thought!

  1. June 23, 2014 I failed a urine drug screen for methamphetamines at Shelby Baptist Hospital in Alabaster, AL. June 25, 2014 had my son Dallas and requested another urine drug screen be done on me, never heard or seen the results. My son was tested at birth and tested positive for methamphetamines, however, his meconium was not tested, which I find strange. June 26, 2014 talked to SCDHR and was told if my husband could pass a drug test that he could be the Safety Plan and he would have to supervise me around our son. June 27, 2014 SCDHR came to hospital, a different worker, and said that I couldn’t live in the home with Dallas, nor could I be there overnight, and my husband wouldn’t be able to be on the plan by himself. On July 3, 2014 we signed a Safety Plan and I began required random drug testing July 14 through July 31, 2014. On July 10, 2014 we were told that by July 29, 2014 the Safety Plan should be terminated and we should have him back; just give them a few clean drug tests. That didn’t happen. On July 14, 2014, they added my husband to do random drug screens because he had gotten a DUI 5 years prior and they wouldn’t allow him to drive our son, but his visits were unsupervised and he could live in the home and stay overnight with our son. They added another month of drug testing for me and my husband for August 2014, but didn’t contact my husband regarding this information, therefore, he didn’t go. I didn’t go, because I couldn’t get them to answer the phone, return my calls, nor could the family that was on the Safety Plan, we were told about a meeting and other things that didn’t happen. We were getting nowhere. We finally went to DHR and had an ISP meeting setup on September 4, 2014 by going to the supervisor of the CA/N Caseworker and we expressed our frustrations. I had no transportation some days, no phone to call in for random screening, and no money for gas on some days to comply with the drug testing and told the caseworker. She said just to let her know what was going on and she would excuse it. Her quote in the ISP meeting was, “they have been very compliant and done everything asked of them and been willing to do whatever necessary.” The family on the Safety Plan quoted, “the baby needs to be with his mom and dad, and we feel they are ready to have him back. The mom is there early in the morning and they don’t leave until after his bath, last nightly bottle, and putting him to bed. She fixes all his bottles, bathes him, changes his diapers, provides anything needed for him, picks up his formula, washes his clothes, folds, and puts them away, goes to all of his doctor’s visits, and anything the baby needs, she does and gets for him.” I had a drug assessment done as requested by them and it stated no further therapy or rehabilitation was needed. Parenting classes had been started. Was told by new caseworker on 9/4/14 that she needed 3 straight months of clean and no missed drug screens to get him back and 6 months of the same on screens, and parenting classes completed to close the case. Not true. They charged me with Chemical Endangerment to a Child where a controlled substance is produced. Didn’t realize that I wasn’t supposed to be around my son, not even supervised visits. The County came to our house the day after charged with Child Endangerment came to our house and did a Welfare Check on the baby, and seen me there and said the baby was fine and they left and didn’t take the baby. 3 days later (5 days after charged), DHR showed up at location of the baby and family that was on the Safety Plan, and took our son to foster care because they had allowed me around him and since receiving charge I wasn’t supposed to be around him. They hadn’t been notified of that, nor did I know that. It was on the bond, but I assumed that if my visitation was changed, DHR would’ve notified me. They ordered off color drug testing for 9/4/14, however, wrote it up on the order to take to drug testing lab, the date of 9/10/14. Changed both mine and my husbands visitation to supervised for 1 hour per day, until we began to drug test regularly. However, never told my husband that, nor did they arrange a meeting time for us to sign the new guidelines and Safety Plan, so we continued to visit and my husband would keep him at our house because he had unsupervised visitation and was allowed overnight allowances, when he was not working. DHR doesn’t contact me and him about anything and still hasn’t. We supposedly have court this Wednesday morning, but DHR hasn’t told me anything and expects other people to relay messages from them. I feel we have been done wrong and don’t what direction or route to take and don’t exactly have the money to hire a lawyer. I was told by DHR that I wouldn’t be charged for this matter, but I was charged. I was told I would get him back by now, but that didn’t happen. Now, I don’t have him back, I have been charged Child Endangerment, My husband went from unsupervised to supervised visitation and being randomly drug tested, I can’t see my son at all, and he’s been taken from what he knows to foster care.

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