Outrage as LA Social Worker Punches Boy

Young black males in New Orleans are at risk, with many obstacles to face and organizations in place that are meant to help. Unfortunately for one family in the Big Easy, that was not the case. We are Robert and Kathleen Raskin of Las Vegas, and we started StopDHR to expose corruption in the child protective services agencies that have gone unchecked for too long. This incident, like many others just like it that happen across the country each day, is completely unjustifiable.

An unlicensed counselor with Empowerment Behavioral Services has been accused of attacking a youth who rolled his eyes at the man, and the shocking incident has been captured on video. The boy, a 13-year-old who has not been named, was at the home of his aunt when the incident took place December 29 of last year.

Video footage shows two social workers refusing to let the teen enter his aunt’s house. An argument ensued, at which time the workers began cursing at him. Then one of the counselors struck the boy.

The boy’s aunt called the child’s mother for help, screaming as she told Quishandra, “Who is those men that see your son?”

Of the the incident the boy’s mother, Quishandra Walker, said, “I’d just like to see justice, cause it’s wrong. There’s ways you can go around talking to a child without cursing them out. Calling them all kinds of names.”

The counselor in question was revealed to be the supervisor. Further investigation into the incident revealed he is not licensed. Though Ms. Walker has since received an apology by phone, no follow-up was done, and the apology has proven to be far too little, too late.

The family has retained the services of attorney Juan LaFonta. They’ve filed a formal complaint, they are planning to have their day in court. While this particular family waits for justice to be served, we must wonder how many other families this so-called counselor has already harmed before he was caught in the act on tape.

Click here to see the shocking video footage.

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