Bullies – Pushing Public Corruption to New Limits!

You know, I was thinking. When the “horrible 5” – Denise Burch, Labrisco Cook, Billy Jackson, Sara Hendershot and Chris Connolly, go home tonight, I wonder what would happen if they said to their spouse, or to their children:

Today I had a little old lady arrested because I am so small, and so petty, that I get a mild level of satisfaction over taking advantage of the sick, the meek, the poor and the elderly. Would their spouses or their children be proud of them?

I wonder if someone were to stand up in their respective churches on Sunday, and say: “This is what Denise did,” or “This is how Billy Jackson ruled,” I wonder if the congregation would look highly upon them, or wonder where they went so wrong.

I think that they think that they can do whatever they want with no repercussions. But I’ve learned in life that there are 3 universal truths:

1. What you put out in life is what you get back.
2. The truth always comes through, and
3. The cream always rises to the top.

Well “H-5” your day is coming. Everyone will know how you have conducted yourselves, how you are conducting yourselves now, and there will be judgement for your actions.

Just know that as my grandfather used to say: “People scratch their behinds and think nobody sees.” I assure you, we are watching, we see clearly, and we’re taking notes. So keep on acting corrupt, outrageous, unreasonable and downright mean. The documentation of each of these events simply shows how small each of you truly are.



2 thoughts on “Bullies – Pushing Public Corruption to New Limits!

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