As Billy Jackson’s Career as Judge Ends, We’re Fighting CPS One Corrupt Official at a Time

As of January, the career of Judge Billy Jackson of Lauderdale County is over. He turned in his resignation in December of last year and will not be running for re-election this year. If you’re unfamiliar with our personal experience with Judge Billy Jackson, know that this is the individual who refused to let Judy or Kathey to speak in defense against the allegations against them and took guardianship away with no consideration of their constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Neither Judy nor Kathey were allowed to even take the stand in the courtroom before guardianship was given back to Danielle’s abusive legal birth mother, the only person who ever willingly gave up parental rights in the first place.

Billy Jackson’s Legacy

Billy Jackson ruined the life of our niece and the lives of countless other families. In the years following our case, she has been unable to battle her mental health issues, has gained a great deal of weight, and is suffering through severe bouts of depression that have affected every aspect of her life. She is no longer the smiling, happy child that we raised. And we refuse to let our voices be silenced.

Jackson cited his reasons for leaving as family and financial matters, but we’d like to think that we’ve made some impact on his decision with our unwavering effort to expose both the incompetency and the corruption in the child “protective” services system, which starts from the initial social workers who are motivated by financial gain and continues all the way up to judges, such as Billy Jackson, who receive kick backs from every child who goes through the foster process. People like this judge along with Denise H Burch of Burch Law Group, Sara Hendershot, DA Chris Connolly, Labrisco Cook and Patricia Miller, and other individuals involved in these situations should be ashamed of themselves for destroying families, disallowing due process, and getting the profits from it all.

One Hopeful Note

Our goal is to make more and more people aware of the plights of the families and children that are wrongfully being victimized by the corrupt CPS system. As of right now, all it takes is to look at the numerous stories around the web like ours and the rip-off reports and complaints made against these officials. With any luck, this is a good sign for the cause against DHR corruption specifically and national CPS corruption.

2 thoughts on “As Billy Jackson’s Career as Judge Ends, We’re Fighting CPS One Corrupt Official at a Time

  1. Dhr has ruined my life I have been called on many times by people how would get mad at my mother ,but those were dropped well this time I was going thru really rough times and long story short they made up all kinds of lies and gave my grandmother which is there greatgrand parents in there 70 and I have 4 children a10yrs 6yrs and2yrs also9 months old they threatened to put them in foster care ifi didn’t put them in daycare I have never trusted anyone to keep my kids more have they been to daycare before she bullied me in to making me take them even though I wasn’t agreeing then its a dhr approved daycare and I get a call that my son the 9 months old had his toe cut of at daycare I flipped cause he can’t walk so what the hell they weren’t watching him we had to go to an orthopedic specialist cause it was litterly hanging off I’m trying to find a great family and injury lawyer and I hope we can take this to Washington because they told me I couldn’t sue dhr cause of government amunity that’s bull

  2. I would like to know what kind of financial gain CPS workers get in this. I’ve had family involved with CPS and wasn’t aware they received anything financial for their part. That makes me re think their actions.

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