I sure wish I had better thoughts for you, and I could be 100% wrong, but here’s what I think is happening right now in our country.

I think that Obama has enough Islamist camps set up now throughout the US, so that as we get more involved in the Civil War in Syria, these Islamists are going to rise up and there’s going to be pandemonium in our streets.

I believe that the government is going to declare Marshall law, the banks are going to closed, the stock market is going to collapse, and millions of us are going to perish.

The government is ready with 2 billion bullets and millions of body bags, coffins and mre’s.

Closed bases located strategically throughout the US have been converted to prisons, guards have been hired, and FEMA has it’s own “army” of soldiers ready to fire upon citizens to restore the order that the government has created.

I know this sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, but I believe 100% that 2012 was the last free election we will ever see in this country. I believe that sometime between 2013 and 2015 we’ll see a total breakdown of our nation as we knew it.

The attack on our children and on our families is only the tip of the iceberg. They’re about to descend our nation into a state worse than we were in during the depression. They’re ready with 25,000 armored vehicles to patrol our streets. They can hold 25,000,000 domestic terrorists right how, and they not only have millions of body bags and coffins, they already have mass graves dug in strategic locations in strategic locations throughout the country.

The only thing that can give us a glimmer of hope would be for our military to defect and defend and uphold the Constitution and the people of the US, which is why Obama is terminating Generals or forcing them to retire early if they won’t fire on Americans.

I’ve spent the better part of this year preparing for what I believe will be the darkest period in human history. I believe that Obama and the Jihad that he is supporting in Libya, Egypt, an Syria to name a few, and soon to bring to America will make Hitler look like an Amateur. Hitler was responsible for 20 million deaths. I believe that when the smoke clears world wide, Obama will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, mostly Christians, throughout the world.

So, have weapons, ammo, water, water storage, water purification, food, first aid, medication, etc. and a radio that runs on generator along with a generator that runs on propane or natural gas if you have it. Be ready to “bug out” if you have to do so, if you hear that soldiers or Muslims are coming your way. Have a truck, a 4 wheel drive if you can, so you can get away from a threat. Have several destination sources printed out so you can decide where to go, because as soon as this happens, there will be no more access to cell phones or the Internet.

There is a much more clear and present danger to all of us now, so it’s time to step back, look at the bigger picture, and get yourself ready to be able to fight off a mob mentality, or bug out if fighting is not an option.

Let’s get busy protecting ourselves.

Until Next time,

I’m Rob!

I may have found the TRAINING VIDEO for DHR Workers!

If this is not the link to the DHR Training video, then rest assured that this is EXACTLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE to be a VICTIM of the system.

Fortunately, we now have Judges, DHR workers, Attorneys, both Federal and State investigators, regulatory agencies, Prosecutors and more looking in to the Corruption that is so rampant throughout our country as a result of ASFA, law 105-89, providing the unintended consequence through financial incentives of billions of dollars in federal funding to states based on how many children they steal from their families and place into the system.

As the late Senator Nancy Schaefer said prior to her MURDER:

“States have to have MERCHANDISE to sell.”

The rampant disrespect for families and children by these evil doers who are putting money ahead of children’s safety is as unconscionable an act as I can imagine.

Children are 6-11 times MORE LIKELY to be abused in Foster care than they are in their own home, and yet, without hesitation, DHR workers CONTINUE to steal children, manufacture reasons based on hearsay, convert the asset of that child into state custody, and increase the amount of aid to the state and to them in return for destroying yet another childhood and another life.

This is not to say that some children are actually safer if they are removed from a clearly unsafe environment, but children should NEVER be removed and never returned based on hearsay. Parents MUST have the right to work toward a reconciliation with the child if there is a legitimate issue. Alternate family members such as qualified grandparents must be given top priority to care for their grandchildren.

This corrupt system is disgusting to it’s core, and everyone who participates in the farce that they are “helping the children” should look into the mirror and realize how much HARM THEY ARE DOING by tearing families apart.

Here’s the link that sums up how the victims feel:

Until next time,

I’m Rob!

Evidently, Billions of Dollars is worth KILLING over…….

Check out these 2 links and then let me know your thoughts.

Senator Nancy Schaefer, CPS Activist:

Senator Nancy Schaefer – Hero, MURDERED IN HER OWN HOME:

For the record, for those of you who were involved in this murder, ask yourselves how many people you’d have to murder at this point in order to stop the avalanche of folks who are involved at this point of bringing the corrupt, criminal offenders to justice?

Fortunately, we have tens of thousands of folks now involved, including DHR workers themselves, including judges, both state and federal, including supporting cast members, and of course, including thousands of families that have been quietly torn apart throughout the US in return for Federal funds.

Every one of you who are involved in stealing children, scarring them for life and destroying their families should of course all rot in hell.

But for those of you who were involved in the murders of former Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, one day you WILL get caught, and it will be interesting to see who was actually involved in placing the contract on these fine people who tried to stand up for the atrocities – yes, ATROCITIES, that are being perpetrated EVERY DAY on INNOCENT AMERICAN FAMILIES.

At this point, DHR’s, CPS’s, DYFS’s, and all similar organizations by any other name, should be immediately rendered ILLEGAL and outlawed due to the extensive abuse of the system. It is UNCONSCIONABLE to STEAL CHILD. to PUT THOSE CHILDREN AT RISK, and to DESTROY LIVES, for money. What the hell is the matter with you people?

When Kathey and I had our niece stolen and placed in harm’s way, we had NO IDEA that this was a 15 year old problem, involving hundreds of thousands of families. We had NO IDEA that it was a multi-billion business. We thought our niece’s case was mistreated.

Now, seeing the double murder of a CPS advocate and her husband, IT JUST PISSES US OFF TO NO END!

We’re coming after every one of you bastards, and this time there’s no stopping us. We’ve already spoken and met with Federal Judges, Federal agencies, and there’s NO WAY you can kill us ALL.

So your empire is about to come crashing down, offenders! ASFA, law 105-89, which you somehow twisted to justify the destruction of American families, is our first target. But our second target is criminal prosecutions for the abuse of authority as well as NUMEROUS other offenses.

The Civil Suit will be the BIGGEST CIVIL SUIT IN U.S. HISTORY, representing EVERY FAMILY that lost a child WITHOUT DUE PROCESS whether the child SHOULD or SHOULD NOT have been taken away from the family.

The children placed in Foster Care and/or adopted out are 6-11 times more likely to be abused than if they remained in their own homes, so you’ve accomplished NOTHING by stealing all of these children and placing them in harm’s way except to destroy families and scar children for profit.

Every one of you need to take a look at whatever children or grandchildren or great grandchildren are in your lives, and THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE to all of these FAMILIES throughout the ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, using OUR TAX DOLLARS to become THE ENEMY WITHIN!


We NEVER expected to be a fight of this magnitude, BUT WE SURE DO HAVE THE BALLS FOR IT! So don’t believe murder-suicide this time!


Until Next time,

I’m Rob, and I’m MAD AS HELL!



So, the good-ole-boy network continues to misapply the law, lie through their teeth, and try to do everything in their power to manipulate, deceive and intimidate everyone in their path!

The only problem is, they’re getting weaker because they know how wrong they are.

They know that once a Federal Prosecutor sinks their teeth into this case, they’re through.

They know they’re facing potential prison time.

And yet, they try to hold on, heaping more and more abuse of authority, threats, lies and intimidation onto the pile.

They have no idea how many people are against them.

And they have no idea that every movement is being well-documented.

We have people from all walks of life, who will testify when asked.

And yet, they continue to embarrass themselves by doing everything from putting innocent folks in jail, to assigning kids to a facility that’s already had 1 death and another permanent injury.

I think they think that they’re so smart, they can get away with their small, petty, arrogant behavior.

I believe that folks in Jackson County thought the very same thing until that April 17 meeting this year.

According to a recent post on, a Federal Judge ruled that Families in Illinois were denied their rights under the Constitution simply because the parents had the right to know approximately how long the separation from their children would be for.

In Lauderdale County, this type of Federal law violation is just the tip of the iceberg!

We’ve now asked the Governor to step in and take this good-ole-boy network apart, ahead of any Federal Indictments. It would probably be a good career move for the Governor to distance himself from these liars who are destroying families by making up accusations or acting on hearsay and stealing their children.

My niece is now almost 100 lbs heavier than she was when they stole her because she hoards food and is compulsive. With nobody giving her the care that she was receiving with her Aunt, she is certain to develop diabetes and to then unsuccessfully manage the disease.

In addition to giving her back to the only people on earth who abused her, without proper investigation, they are now allowing her weight to spiral out of control, with no monitoring of any kind.

It is amazing that these folks haven’t been stopped before this, but now that all of the agencies have been alerted, the noose should start to tighten.

Perhaps instead of putting innocent people in jail, taking their pets and trying to make an example out of them, their time would be more wisely spent looking inside themselves and realizing that each of them are feeding off the other, all the while trying to justify that they are anything but evil.

It’s been over a year since you all in effect sentenced my niece to death, and we want her out of that house and into a program that can help her – TODAY.

Keep your stories coming…..we’ll be on Television soon and then we’ll be testifying before a Senate Sub-Committee – these folks, specifically Judge Billy Jackson, DA Chris Connolly, Labrisco Cook, Sara Hendershot, all under Nancy Buckner, but NOT limited to these 5 – will be “outed” and will be stopped, eventually, from continuing to abuse the system, scar the children, destroy their families, and destroy their childhoods.

Until next time,

I’m Rob!

Courier Journal wimps out……won’t run our ad!

Tom over at the Courier Journal won’t run our ad any more. He says it’s starting to feel like a “vendetta.”

Asking others if they’ve had what they feel is unfair treatment that resulted in the loss of their child, or their parental rights, is an HONORABLE endeavor. After all, if a child is taken without just cause, and if parental rights are terminated without just cause, and if nobody speaks up and says “ENOUGH!” then why would anyone ever expect the practice to stop?

For those who have had a child taken with no just cause, who now cannot see their child and/or have been swindled somehow out of their parental rights so the child is gone from their lives, the loss is mourned every single day just as if they were kidnapped, or in the case of lost parental rights, as if  they’re gone forever.

The monsters that take these children just so they can benefit, at the expense of the child and their family, should be ashamed of themselves. But to not run the ad because it “feels like a vendetta?” REALLY?

Why not just say: “I was walking down the street, and the weirdest thing happened. I LOST MY BALLS!”

So chalk one up for the “Good Ole Boys” network. They stopped an ad from running.  Wowie! BIG victory! Like there’s no other way to get our point across in Croney-ville.

We’re well organized, well funded, and your feeble attempts to slow us down are comical. In my humble opinion, your time would be better served finding a good criminal lawyer, but hey, what do I know. You keep trying to stop our ad as if that’s going to help you somehow.

DHR Labrisco Cook, Guardian ad litem Denise H Burch, Judge Billy Jackson, DHR Supervisor Sara Hendershot, and Commissioner Nancy Bruckner, together, collectively, You STOLE OUR NIECE, and we WANT HER BACK, ALONG WITH AN APOLOGY and the REINSTATEMENT OF THE GUARDIANSHIP RIGHTS THAT YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY!!!


We’re stepping it up a notch or 2:

Since our niece was never returned to us, since there’s been no apology for trampling our rights or for putting our niece in harm’s way, we’re finding out some interesting things that would be better off left unsaid at the moment.

Suffice to say however, that we’ve heard each of your heartfelt stories, and those with eyes can clearly see the pattern: Manufacture a reason, take custody of the child, put the child into the system, everybody makes money.

I know it’s hard to have patience when your heart hurts every day, but this a marathon, not a sprint, and not a day goes by without some work being done to bring those who steal children with no just cause, who stand to profit at the expense of innocent families, to justice.

We never able to have a conversation with the governor or the commissioner or the director of DHR, after being mistreated in every way possible.

So, since the good-ole-boy network closed ranks, after stealing our niece and sending her away, we will continue to fight for justice, and as we are able, we will gladly keep you informed of our progress.

But don’t think for a second that these bastards will get away with stealing children forever, and don’t think for a second that they won’t have to answer for the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Until next time,

I’m Rob!


You know, I just verified that Alabama really is one of the 50 States that comprise the United States. I thought I’d double check, because I’ve been watching the most out of control system I have EVER seen! It AMAZES me that DHR, the Guardians ad litem, and the Family Court Judges, have such an incredibly blatant disregard for CIVIL RIGHTS, but even MORE importantly, for COMMON DECENCY!

If you read through the 50 or so complaints on this site, which is up about a month as of this blog entry, you see the same or similar stories from unrelated people. Over and over the theme is that they’ve been in effect, kidnapping/stealing children in a variety of ways including listening to hearsay, making things up, intimidation, and flat-out lies.

The bottom line is that they often rip the children from their homes, often with no legitimate reason, and then they work on keeping the children, moving them far away from their parents/guardians, denying them the right to see the children, and ultimately adopting the children out. It’s the same complaint, over and over and over, and we have amassed HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of complaints thus far.

We want you to know that we hear your cries for help, and we want you to know that we are taking every possible aggressive legal action to bring the offenders to justice.

In our case, not only did we lose our niece, but our niece lost contact with her sister, her Aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone she’s known for the last 10 years.

I don’t know how the people that are responsible for this atrocity can sleep nights. I assume that they are not good, church-going people. If they are, then they have an awful lot to learn.

It is my hope that one day, the offenders are incarcerated for all of the harm that they have caused to the children and their families, and that the State of Alabama pay dearly for their arrogance.

When we started out, we contacted everyone we could from DHR to Governor Robert Bentley to say that changes need to be made and cases including ours need to be looked into.

It all fell on deaf ears. The good-ole-boy network wouldn’t hear of it.

Well, you all hang in there because I’ve made it my mission to see to it that the proper authorities review what’s occurred and take the necessary corrective action.

And as a final note, Denise, Billy, Labrisco, Sara, and Nancy, if you’re reading this: The First Amendment applies to people living in Alabama just like in the other 49 states. You can’t steal our children and then tell us to shut up! IT WON’T WORK! WE’RE NOT SHUTTING UP ANY MORE! STOP STEALING OUR CHILDREN!