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Could this be the end of secrecy in ‘child protection’?

Sir James Munby, an unusually humane and intelligent judge, is bent on rolling back the blanket of secrecy that has concealed many horror stories from public view

Sir James Munby says orders to remove children from their parents ‘are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make’

Sir James Munby says orders to remove children from their parents ‘are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make. By Christopher Booker 6:15PM BST 07 Sep 2013

To the ever-growing number of us who have been trying to expose the corruption of our state “child-protection” system as one of the most shocking scandals in Britain today, there is no question that a judgment published last week by Sir James Munby, now the most senior judge in our family courts, is a very significant legal landmark. For several years I have been explaining here how this system could not have gone so horrifyingly off the rails, with thousands of children being removed from their families for no good reason, if it had not been able to hide its workings from public view behind such a wall of secrecy, going way beyond what our lawmakers in Parliament intended.

In the name of concealing the identity of the children, which all statute law is concerned to protect, not only has this been widened out into a ban on reporting anything that goes on in our family courts (along with a similar ban on aggrieved parents saying anything to anyone about what is happening to them), but it has also been made a punishable offence to reveal the names of judges, local authorities, social workers or anyone involved in a case. I am even not allowed to indicate, however vaguely, in which part of the country a case is taking place. All this is supposedly in the cause just of protecting the identity of a child.

It is the groundswell of anger building up over how this secrecy prevents either parents or journalists from revealing what too often appear to be terrible travesties of justice that Sir James Munby, the recently appointed President of the Family Division, has decided to face head on, by issuing his carefully considered judgment in the case of “Baby J”. The immediate issue was that the father of four children removed by Staffordshire county council had infuriated the social workers by going wild with rage on Facebook, publishing not only the names and pictures of his children, but also those of social workers – along with a volley of abuse at the people he saw as having destroyed his family.

Before ruling on an application from the council for a complete ban on all this, Munby devoted most of his 26-page judgment to the more general question of whether the secrecy imposed on such cases has gone too far. Since the abolition of the death penalty, he says, the kind of orders a judge has to make on whether children should be removed from their parents “are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make”. When a young mother is forced to lose her child, she and the child may have to live with the consequences of that decision for, respectively, 70 or 90 years.

In light of this, says Munby, “public debate and the jealous vigilance of an informed press have an important role to play in exposing past miscarriages of justice and in preventing future miscarriages”. He emphasises that if confidence in the system is to be “maintained or, if eroded, restored”, it is vital that its workings should be as open to public view as possible. The answer to criticism of “secret courts” must be “more speech, less enforced silence”.


Protecting children 03 Sep 2013 Sir James goes on to consider other issues, such as those raised by the increased readiness of anguished parents to tell their stories on the internet, ruling that these should be subject to the same restrictions as are applied to reporting in the press. But when he finally comes to ruling on the council’s application for a complete ban, he strikes out all the items not referring directly to the identity of children or their parents, allowing the naming of Staffordshire, social workers, “expert witnesses” and pretty well everything else.

This is such a startling challenge to prevailing practice that we will have to watch carefully to see how widely Munby’s principles are now followed. Clearly, this unusually humane and intelligent judge is bent on rolling back that blanket of secrecy that has been used to conceal so many countless horror stories from public view. But I recall one recent case in which a mother described her agony when her newborn child was snatched from her arms while she was breastfeeding. She quoted to the court an earlier Munby judgment, in which he trenchantly ruled that such an action was clearly in breach of “the imperative demands of the European Convention on Human Rights”. The only comment from the bench was “other judges can do what they like, but this is my court”. Now Munby is head of the family courts, we shall see whether his fellow judges accord him more respect.

Adoption madness:
The itch to give children that have been removed from their natural parents to gay couples for adoption (rather than, as in several cases I have followed, to responsible and loving grandparents), is getting into ever more of a tangle. Last week we had the story of the 87-year-old vicar who refused to christen a child because both the lesbian adoptive parents insisted on being described in his parish register as the child’s “mother”. A more “modern-minded” priest was found who was quite happy for the child to be recorded as having two “mothers”.

At least this tale did not have such a tragic outcome as one widely reported in South Africa in April, when two lesbians were tried for the murder of their four-year-old adopted son. An employee of the couple testified that the crime had been committed when the women became increasingly angry at the boy’s refusal to call one of them “daddy”. The more dominant of the partners was sentenced to 25 years for beating the child to death, the other to 22 years for being a “passive participant” in his murder.


Clearly, this is a world wide problem. But as the saying goes, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” People like Judge Billy Jackson of the Lauderdale County Family Court, Denise H Burch of Burch law group, supervisor sarah hendershot, district attorney chris connolly, commissioner nancy buckner, DHR workers labrisco cook and patricia miller, DHR florence alabama and Family court florence alabama, should all be 100% ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for participating in this “farce for profit.” It is hoped by my wife, Kathleen Raskin, aka Kathey Raskin, and by me, Robert M Raskin, aka Rob Raskin, that our children and our families become safer as a result of the integrity of people like the honorable James Munby as opposed to the DIS-honorable Judge billy jackson and his cast of lying cowards who steal children for a living under the guise of trying to be helpful to the children and to their families.


I sure wish I had better thoughts for you, and I could be 100% wrong, but here’s what I think is happening right now in our country.

I think that Obama has enough Islamist camps set up now throughout the US, so that as we get more involved in the Civil War in Syria, these Islamists are going to rise up and there’s going to be pandemonium in our streets.

I believe that the government is going to declare Marshall law, the banks are going to closed, the stock market is going to collapse, and millions of us are going to perish.

The government is ready with 2 billion bullets and millions of body bags, coffins and mre’s.

Closed bases located strategically throughout the US have been converted to prisons, guards have been hired, and FEMA has it’s own “army” of soldiers ready to fire upon citizens to restore the order that the government has created.

I know this sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, but I believe 100% that 2012 was the last free election we will ever see in this country. I believe that sometime between 2013 and 2015 we’ll see a total breakdown of our nation as we knew it.

The attack on our children and on our families is only the tip of the iceberg. They’re about to descend our nation into a state worse than we were in during the depression. They’re ready with 25,000 armored vehicles to patrol our streets. They can hold 25,000,000 domestic terrorists right how, and they not only have millions of body bags and coffins, they already have mass graves dug in strategic locations in strategic locations throughout the country.

The only thing that can give us a glimmer of hope would be for our military to defect and defend and uphold the Constitution and the people of the US, which is why Obama is terminating Generals or forcing them to retire early if they won’t fire on Americans.

I’ve spent the better part of this year preparing for what I believe will be the darkest period in human history. I believe that Obama and the Jihad that he is supporting in Libya, Egypt, an Syria to name a few, and soon to bring to America will make Hitler look like an Amateur. Hitler was responsible for 20 million deaths. I believe that when the smoke clears world wide, Obama will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, mostly Christians, throughout the world.

So, have weapons, ammo, water, water storage, water purification, food, first aid, medication, etc. and a radio that runs on generator along with a generator that runs on propane or natural gas if you have it. Be ready to “bug out” if you have to do so, if you hear that soldiers or Muslims are coming your way. Have a truck, a 4 wheel drive if you can, so you can get away from a threat. Have several destination sources printed out so you can decide where to go, because as soon as this happens, there will be no more access to cell phones or the Internet.

There is a much more clear and present danger to all of us now, so it’s time to step back, look at the bigger picture, and get yourself ready to be able to fight off a mob mentality, or bug out if fighting is not an option.

Let’s get busy protecting ourselves.

Until Next time,

I’m Rob!


Reprint from Sholanda Speaks:

In Judge Jackson’s Courtroom

Family Evicted From Home

A Guest Commentary By

Concerned Lauderdale Citizen

“Judge Billy Jackson does not understand how to structure his docket efficiently.”

“Judge Billy Jackson does not know the law.”

You, readers, may decide for yourself if the above comments are true. I only repeat what I have recently heard from others. Ask your own questions, and find your own answers, for you are paying the man’s salary of over $100,000. Would you pay anyone else who is not doing his job adequately?

There are currently cases from Fall, 2011, which still await a ruling from Judge Jackson. There are emergency motions from this past Spring which have not been addressed, as well as current emergencies.

And I have heard a detailed story from a previously credible source which puts Judge Jackson in a very negative light. It seems he is using his authority to hurt families rather than help them.

Judge Jackson gave a mother and her children only hours to vacate their home under threat of eviction by sheriff. They had to leave behind almost everything they owned because there was so little notice from the court. The mother had previously followed every court order and was not prepared for this decision because she was waiting for the judge to rule on competing orders.

Judge Jackson allowed a deadbeat dad to move back into the house who has not complied with court orders for more than five years. Judge Jackson has known for many months that the deadbeat dad has refused to provide court ordered life insurance for the mother and the children. The mom had suggested to the court that their marital home might secure the dad’s life insurance obligation to her and to their kids, and she was waiting for the judge to decide. But the judge denied her request at the exact same time that he ordered her and the kids to vacate their home. Judge Jackson also knows that the kids have never spent a night with their dad in five years, and they refuse to live with him.

The deadbeat dad is also in contempt of court on other issues, both present and past. But Judge Jackson has refused for many months to even set a date in court for the trial to address the deadbeat dad’s contempt of court. Apparently, the dad has been in contempt of court before on several things. This particular deadbeat dad also stalked and threatened the mom and had a Protection from Abuse order enforced against him by Judge Jackson.

Yes, readers, you read correctly. Judge Jackson is aware that the mother is in compliance with court orders and always has been while the deadbeat dad is not in compliance with court orders and never has been. Judge Jackson ordered a mother and her children out of their home with only hours notice, so they are now homeless. But the deadbeat dad now has two homes.

And Judge Jackson has done nothing to secure the court ordered life insurance for a mother and children. The deadbeat dad might fall over dead at any minute, and it would be Judge Jackson’s fault alone that they did not have their mandated life insurance. I remind you readers that Judge Jackson has refused for months to even set a court date.

What is Judge Jackson doing? According to what I am hearing, he has some explaining to do. I am concerned about the mom and her children, even if Judge Jackson is not. I will follow up to let you know what happens in this case.


We’ll add to the above commentary that we have heard complaints concerning the circuit court clerk’s office and its inability to schedule, rather than Judge Jackson’s. The same was said of Judge Jimmy Sandlin’s court. What is the truth? We have no idea, but hope the problem, no matter its roots, can be corrected as quickly as possible.


County loses $4.9 million lawsuit challenge over lying social workers
April 21st, 2011, 1:45 pm · · posted by Kimberly Edds, Staff Writer

The County of Orange lost its battle in the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to overturn a record-setting $4.9 million judgment awarded to a Seal Beach woman, after two county social workers lied to a juvenile court commissioner in order to take away the woman’s two daughters.

It took Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick 6 ½ years to regain custody of her children.

The jury award given to Fogarty-Hardwick included damages against the two social workers. The Supreme Court also upheld $1.6 million in attorneys fees for Fogarty-Hardwick’s attorneys, but that could end being as much as $3 million, Fogarty-Hardwick’s attorney Shawn McMillan said.

The county and the two social workers will also be responsible for paying interest which has accrued on the $4.9 million jury award over the last four years, bringing the grand total close to $9.3 million, McMillan said.

Fogarty-Hardwick’s attorneys had offered to settle with the county for $500,000.

Orange County Social Services social workers Marcie Vreeken and Helen Dwojak filed false reports and held back evidence which would have cleared Fogarty-Hardwick, an Orange County jury found. Vreeken would later be promoted, according to county records.
A third social worker was found not liable.

According to court papers, Vreeken threatened that if Fogarty-Hardwick did not “submit” to her will, she would never see her children again. The social workers also tried in 2000 to coerce Fogarty-Hardwick to sign a document saying she was a bad parent by threatening to take her daughters away, Fogarty-Hardwick alleged.

She refused. A county commissioner ordered Fogarty-Hardwick’s daughters, 6 and 9, taken from their mother and put in Orangewood Children’s Home.
The girls were later put in foster care.

Fogarty-Hardwick gave her ex-husband full custody in 2002, hoping to protect her daughters. She was then allowed two supervised visits a month for two years. She eventually won 50-50 custody in 2006.

Fogarty-Hardwick sued the county in 2002, arguing the Social Services Agency and its two social workers violated her civil rights. A jury ruled against her.

She sued again, arguing this time county’s policies violated her constitutional rights, including her Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Fogarty-Hardwick’s accused the county of violating her constitutional rights by removing her children without making a finding of imminent danger or serious physical injury; interviewing her daughters without a parent present; holding her children without cause; fabricating evidence; and failing to properly train employees about parents’ constitutional rights.

An Orange County jury voted 10-2 in 2007 in favor of Fogarty-Hardwick and awarded her $4.9 million.
The county appealed the judgment.

In the Fourth District Court of Appeal opinion, Justice William Bedsworth wrote, “the evidence adduced at trial obviously caused both the jury and the judge to conclude not only that something seriously wrong was done to Fogarty-Hardwick in this case, but also that the wrongful conduct was not an isolated incident.”

“Despite Fogarty-Hardwick’s complaints, and the concerns expressed by others about the handling of this dependency case, SSA did not investigate the situation or consider assigning different social workers to the matter. Neither of the social workers involved was disciplined. Instead, Vreeken was promoted to supervisor in 2001,” Bedsworth wrote.
The Watchdog is looking into whether Vreeken and Dwojak still work for the county.

“What the county and these social workers did to her was horrendous and she deserves to be compensated in full measure,” McMillan said.
“It’s a big deal for a private citizen to take on the government all the way to the United States Supreme Court,” McMillan said. “(Fogarty-Hardwick) poured her whole life into this case. She provided a valuable service to Orange County and to other parents for having the tenacity to stick with it.”

So what does it mean to us, the victims of people like DHR Social Worker Labrisca Cook, GAL Attorney Denise H Burch, Judge Billy Jackson, DHR Supervisor Sarah Hendershot, DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner, and all of the deceitful, manipulative, horrible people that assist in the “Farce” known as “Family Court” on a daily basis?

It means that we now have a blueprint for success! Following the very same formula as Fogarty-Hardwick.


Sue the county in which the offense occurred, claiming that DHR policies violated your constitutional rights, including your Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Fogarty-Hardwick’s accused the county of violating her constitutional rights by removing her children without making a finding of imminent danger or serious physical injury; interviewing her daughters without a parent present; holding her children without cause; fabricating evidence; and failing to properly train employees about parents’ constitutional rights.

An Orange County jury voted 10-2 in 2007 in favor of Fogarty-Hardwick and awarded her $4.9 million.

If every one of us sue the offending country, we can not only make a huge statement, we can also bankrupt the county, causing them to shut down and forcing them to rebuild from the ground up. This shake up is the equivalent of a revolutionary war, where the entire government ends up forfeiting their power and their operation.

We tried to play nicely. We made complaints to every available entity. Nobody wants to hear it. Everyone covers for each other like sick, depraved little thieves. Nobody cares about the children that are hurt, or the families that are destroyed. Totally unqualified people attack innocent families every day and get away with it.

And it happens all throughout the country. But in Orange County, Fogarty-Hardwick successfully sued the county and won a $4.9 MILLION judgement, which was upheld in the Supreme Court.

We still have a meeting with Congress in February 2013, but in addition, we’re interviewing attorneys right now.

Whether you have an interest in being part of a class-action suit, or whether you prefer to sue individually, the Fogarty-Hardwick case has created a blueprint for what points of law to sue on and for there to now be Supreme Court case law on the matter.

So since Alabama did not want to take any steps to correct a situation that has been complained about hundreds if not thousands of times, over and over and over for the last 10 years, and now that there is a Supreme Court case to follow, let’s all do our best to successfully sue the State of Alabama, and force each county to pay out so much in judgments that they ultimately go bankrupt and can no longer operate their hate agencies or employ their thugs!

Until Next Time,

I’m Rob!

Those poor children who were slaughtered in Connecticut:

Who among us isn’t horrified by the murders of 20 6-7 year old children? Since when does the life of child have such little meaning that someone would take it without hesitation?



Make NO MISTAKE about it. On a small scale, Judge Billy Jackson, GAL Denise H Burch, Labrisca Cook, and all of the supporting cast, DESTROY CHILDREN’S LIVES EVERY SINGLE DAY.


On a GRAND SCALE, tragedy strikes in EVERY STATE, EVERY DAY, in the form of STEALING children from the homes to never be seen or heard from again, or being SOLD to the pedophile with the most money, or being enslaved into prostitution.

In the coming weeks you will see the horrifying aftermath of one crazy fool who took the lives of 20 innocent children. BUT, CLEARLY, TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN’S LIVES ARE DESTROYED EACH YEAR BY THE CORRUPT FAMILY COURTS IN CONJUNCTION WITH CORRUPT DHR’S THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY.

For those who have not had any experience with the CRIMINALS that run this courts or pose as working to “help children” what I am saying here sounds far fetched or even untrue.

But for those of us who have been VICTIMS of these heartless bastards who steal children for money, speaking to THEM DIRECTLY, don’t for ONE SECOND think that you are ANY BETTER than the 20 year old that DESTROYED the lives of these 20 beautiful children, because in my view, YOU’VE ALL DESTROYED WAY MORE LIVES AND WAY MORE FAMILIES than 20.

So if for ONE SECOND you think to yourself what a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING the guy is who destroyed these children, MULTIPLY THAT FEELING BY 1000 AND THAT’S WHAT WE AS VICTIMS THINK OF YOU.

To all of the victim’s families who are suffering so badly especially at Holiday time due to the loss of their children due to the corruption by both DHR and the Courts, we extend to you our hearts and we know your pain. We will be appearing in February in Washington DC and any and all of you are encouraged to join us.

For all of the PERPETRATORS who CONTINUE to DESTROY children’s lives daily, READ MY MIND as to my wishes for you this Holiday season.

Until Next Time,

I’m Rob!

Montgomery AL November 9, 2012 Friday 9 Residence Inn Montgome 1200 Hilmar Court Montgomery AL 36117 334-270-3300

Filming for Lawless America will be held on Friday 11/9/12 in Montgomery Alabama.

If you can’t make it to this filming, they will be filming in Florida and in Georgia in the coming weeks.

If none of these locations are an option, you can be filmed over the Internet if you have a computer and camera.

In January we will be presenting our Documentary on Capital Hill and pushing for changes in the existing laws to deter the states from stealing our children for money.

This cause is getting bigger and bigger and now involves state and federal investigations as well as numerous behind-the-scenes meetings and contacts.

Nancy Shaefer died for this cause, but her work lives on and the thousands of us continue to push for change to stop corrupt state governments from being in the child-trafficking-business for money.

This all started when my lovely wife, Kathleen Raskin (Kathey Raskin) lost her niece to legal kidnappers, and they totally violated her Civil Rights.

The Civil Rights lawsuit will potentially be the largest Civil Suit in United States History. while the criminal investigations have the hopeful result of seeing the offenders, specifically but not limited to Denise H Burch of Denise Burch Law Group, Judge Billy Jackson, DHR worker Labrisca Cook, Supervisor Sara Hendershot, Commissioner Nancy Bruckner and DHR worker Patricia Miller all be prosecuted criminally for their role in stealing children based on hearsay and refusing to return them in order to raise money for the state.

There are lots of wrongs in the world. There’s lots of corruption on many, many levels. Unfortunately the public has come to expect it from government.


We can’t until the Documentary is presented in January 2013 on Capital Hill.

In the meantime, please visit and read about the Revolutionary Party and what you can do to be a part of it.


Bullies – Pushing Public Corruption to New Limits!

You know, I was thinking. When the “horrible 5” – Denise Burch, Labrisco Cook, Billy Jackson, Sara Hendershot and Chris Connolly, go home tonight, I wonder what would happen if they said to their spouse, or to their children:

Today I had a little old lady arrested because I am so small, and so petty, that I get a mild level of satisfaction over taking advantage of the sick, the meek, the poor and the elderly. Would their spouses or their children be proud of them?

I wonder if someone were to stand up in their respective churches on Sunday, and say: “This is what Denise did,” or “This is how Billy Jackson ruled,” I wonder if the congregation would look highly upon them, or wonder where they went so wrong.

I think that they think that they can do whatever they want with no repercussions. But I’ve learned in life that there are 3 universal truths:

1. What you put out in life is what you get back.
2. The truth always comes through, and
3. The cream always rises to the top.

Well “H-5” your day is coming. Everyone will know how you have conducted yourselves, how you are conducting yourselves now, and there will be judgement for your actions.

Just know that as my grandfather used to say: “People scratch their behinds and think nobody sees.” I assure you, we are watching, we see clearly, and we’re taking notes. So keep on acting corrupt, outrageous, unreasonable and downright mean. The documentation of each of these events simply shows how small each of you truly are.



Courier Journal wimps out……won’t run our ad!

Tom over at the Courier Journal won’t run our ad any more. He says it’s starting to feel like a “vendetta.”

Asking others if they’ve had what they feel is unfair treatment that resulted in the loss of their child, or their parental rights, is an HONORABLE endeavor. After all, if a child is taken without just cause, and if parental rights are terminated without just cause, and if nobody speaks up and says “ENOUGH!” then why would anyone ever expect the practice to stop?

For those who have had a child taken with no just cause, who now cannot see their child and/or have been swindled somehow out of their parental rights so the child is gone from their lives, the loss is mourned every single day just as if they were kidnapped, or in the case of lost parental rights, as if  they’re gone forever.

The monsters that take these children just so they can benefit, at the expense of the child and their family, should be ashamed of themselves. But to not run the ad because it “feels like a vendetta?” REALLY?

Why not just say: “I was walking down the street, and the weirdest thing happened. I LOST MY BALLS!”

So chalk one up for the “Good Ole Boys” network. They stopped an ad from running.  Wowie! BIG victory! Like there’s no other way to get our point across in Croney-ville.

We’re well organized, well funded, and your feeble attempts to slow us down are comical. In my humble opinion, your time would be better served finding a good criminal lawyer, but hey, what do I know. You keep trying to stop our ad as if that’s going to help you somehow.

DHR Labrisco Cook, Guardian ad litem Denise H Burch, Judge Billy Jackson, DHR Supervisor Sara Hendershot, and Commissioner Nancy Bruckner, together, collectively, You STOLE OUR NIECE, and we WANT HER BACK, ALONG WITH AN APOLOGY and the REINSTATEMENT OF THE GUARDIANSHIP RIGHTS THAT YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY!!!



When you’ve done so much wrong for so long of a time, there comes a time when you make the realization that you’re way past the point of no return. And that’s where the offenders should be. When asked, what will their answers be for taking children with no just cause? For leading the parents on a wild goose chase only to never return their children to them? For coercing people into signing away their parental rights while being verbally told that they can apply to get them back later? For moving their children many hours away to make it difficult to impossible to see them? From continually changing the requirements to get their children back, making it ultimately impossible? To not allowing anyone in the family to take custody of the children? To manipulate the children into thinking that their parents don’t want them anymore?

What’s gonna be their answer when they are under investigation, under oath, for thousands of children over many, many years? And what of the Court? What is the Court’s answer going to be? The Court is suppose to be fair and impartial. The Court is suppose to be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the problem. What is the Court’s answer going to be when asked why they made unilateral decisions based on hearsay only? Why they didn’t give the parental side the courtesy, the respect of being heard? Why was the Court so quick to make decisions that negatively impacted so many? What’s their answer going to be? Here’s my guess. My guess is that there will be NO answer. They’ll probably take the 5th so as not to incriminate themselves.

They get up each morning and go to work as if it’s a brand new day, not realizing that their world as they know it has already begun to cave. I’ve heard so many of you complain about how hearbroken you are that your children have been taken from you, as has our niece, and I want you to know that the spotlight is about to be turned on, and the rats will be scurrying for cover.

For what they have done for these last 10 years or so, which is to literally steal children from their homes, scar them for life, and destroy so many honest families, for the almighty dollar, is unconscionable. And yet, every day for all these years, they schemed and plotted and colluded and thought they were oh-so-smart. Well, everyone who eventually gets caught thinks they were so smart, so powerful, so above the law, that they won’t ever get brought to justice. Remember the role that Jack Nicholson played in a few good men? At the end, Tom Cruise GOT HIM, didn’t he?

Well, in our niece’s case, my wife Kathey and her attorney gave DHR Labrisco Cook, GAL Denise Burch, and Judge Billy Jackson every possible opportunity to correct their errors. In fact, we filed motion after motion after motion after motion. And yet, through sheer arrogance, they all stuck together like little thieves smiling at how much power they had. Well let’s watch and see how much longer they’ll all be smiling, because Judgement Day is coming, and I’m thinking that they have no answer for the questions that they’re going to be asked, on behalf of every innocent family that has had a child ripped from them with no just cause and never returned. Stay tune – and sleep well knowing that the noose is slowing starting to tighten – and they have no idea…….yet. But they will…..