So much has happened since going to Washington D.C. in February. Most importantly, we confirmed that virtually everyone in D.C. is corrupt, and that there will be no action from them to change the course of the corruption in our courts.

The issues that each of us have faced in corrupt family courts in Alabama by kangaroo courts is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the country, in virtually every courtroom in the country, the depth of corruption is so rampant it’s almost unimaginable.

There’s no way to fix the corruption in D.C. because D.C. is simply the head of the snake. The corruption starts there, and sets the tone for the country.

The only way to bring about change is through peaceful revolution. The leader of the Revolutionary Party is Bill Windsor, a 64 year old, 40 year married Vietnam Veteran with a clean record who traveled to all 50 states in 2012 recording the stories of hundreds upon hundreds of victims of our corrupt courts.

Now, having given D.C. the opportunity to take action, and having been rebuffed, the only choice is to create a new party and elect our own, honest people who agree to sign a contract with the voters they represent to vote in our best interest or face grand jury indictment and prosecution.

The Revolutionary Party is gaining ground fast. Already, tens of thousands of us are part of a grass roots organization to find an honest candidate in each jurisdiction as an alternative to the two corrupt parties that are currently destroying our country.

Please take the time to watch this video and to explore the links. is the new revolution, and we believe that peaceful change is possible. We simply need to hire new, honest representatives instead of re-electing those who have no interest in serving our best interest.

Unfortunately, this means that there are no quick answers and no short-term justice for the victims and families of courts that have made decisions that harm the children, the parents, the grandparents, etc.

We have contacted everyone up to and including Mr. Obama, and have been rebuffed at every level. So our work is cut out for us, because based on the effort that we extended and the depth of our contacts and commitments, it is estimated the the court system on every level throughout the country is a 10-12 trillion dollar annual business, so nobody has the interest or power to change it.

But we CAN change it by creating a new party, and now is the time. The Revolutionary Party is simply a group of victims that want fair representation and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be respected and honored.

Here’s Bill Windsor to talk to you about what’s wrong with the Country and what the Revolutionary Party plans to do to fix it. Please join us – the future of our country depends upon how many people become part of our peaceful Revolution!

Lawless America
Bill Windsor feels corrupt judges and government officials who ignore the Constitution should be charged with TREASON


First, Happy Thanksgiving Season to everyone who has endured such horrible grief at the hands of the criminals in our government agencies who have conspired to be involved in human trafficking for profit at the expense of innocent children and their families.

At this point, we have brought numerous groups together, each with their own followings, and each with the same stories over and over and over.

What’s clear is this:

1. ASFA, law 105-89, created the window for states to receive billions of dollars in federal aid by stealing children and not giving them back to their families.

2. There is a 6-11 time higher incidence of children being abused, molested, raped and murdered once they go into the system.

3. Nobody in the government seems to care, while others are adamant about protecting the system as is due to the huge amount of money involved.

4. There’s so much corruption at this point, with money trails running so deep, that prosecuting every judge, dhr social worker, etc. would be virtually impossible.

5. As victims, our only choice is to get the best Congress that money can buy to do something conscionable about this.

We do have numerous judges, social workers and secondary workers ready to testify before Congress in January 2013 in Washington D.C.

Bill will have the video completed well in advance of our meeting with Congress.

We are working with producers to air the documentary on National Television in advance of the presentation to Congress to get National support.

And we’re doing all this, thousands of us, expending thousands of hours, and in some cases, thousands of dollars, to bring about a positive change in the law so the incentives to steal children are removed. With no financial incentive, there will be no reason to continue to destroy families for profit.

The bigger issue is that if we are successful in changing the law and stopping billions of dollars from being paid to the states, many states, already on the verge of bankruptcy, may be forced over their own financial cliffs due to a loss of the funds from this source.

What I propose is to simply change the requirement for states to receive this form of federal aid from being paid for stealing children, to being paid by achieving a required percentage of children who pass standardized tests in school from years 1-12 for math, science, english and history.

Yes, I did say “English!” The language of a country binds it together, and the last time I looked, we were STILL AMERICANS!

Thomas Jefferson once said: “A government that’s big enough to give you all that you need, is also powerful enough to take all that you have.”

After the Holidays, we will meet with Congress in D.C. and make our presentation in an attempt to change AFSA 105-89 to remove the incentives to continue to steal our children.

I haven’t even addressed the sale of those children, the pedophiles that buy them, the child porn industry including some of the most powerful people in government, or the funds that states receive based on child support arrangements, which is why often times abusive parents are allowed to still see their children. The abusers pay child support, and in some cases the state receives TWICE the amount of the child support from other federal programs.

I had a comment from more than one exasperated parent asking “why is it taking so long.” It’s taking so long because the money trail is so powerful and so corrupting, that just like a drug, people are willing to kill for it, as evidenced by Nancy Schaefer.

Federal and State investigations continue on an individual basis, with the hope to indict numerous people in 2013 and to try them for their crimes.

To all of the victims, I will keep you posted and we will work to change the law. Please check and for two additional sites, or google dhrpetitions, cpspetitions, etc to see how widespread of an issue this is throughout the country.

To all the perpetrators, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU.

Until next time,

I’m Rob Raskin, my lovely wife is Kathey Raskin, and though we didn’t ask for this fight, once we saw all the harm that’s been done to so many children and to so many families, and all of the taxpayer’s money that has been misused, we are now 100% committed, along with so many others that are fighting this fight, to effectuate a positive change in this system in 2012.

Please continue to provide information and to monitor this site for new information.



When you’ve done so much wrong for so long of a time, there comes a time when you make the realization that you’re way past the point of no return. And that’s where the offenders should be. When asked, what will their answers be for taking children with no just cause? For leading the parents on a wild goose chase only to never return their children to them? For coercing people into signing away their parental rights while being verbally told that they can apply to get them back later? For moving their children many hours away to make it difficult to impossible to see them? From continually changing the requirements to get their children back, making it ultimately impossible? To not allowing anyone in the family to take custody of the children? To manipulate the children into thinking that their parents don’t want them anymore?

What’s gonna be their answer when they are under investigation, under oath, for thousands of children over many, many years? And what of the Court? What is the Court’s answer going to be? The Court is suppose to be fair and impartial. The Court is suppose to be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the problem. What is the Court’s answer going to be when asked why they made unilateral decisions based on hearsay only? Why they didn’t give the parental side the courtesy, the respect of being heard? Why was the Court so quick to make decisions that negatively impacted so many? What’s their answer going to be? Here’s my guess. My guess is that there will be NO answer. They’ll probably take the 5th so as not to incriminate themselves.

They get up each morning and go to work as if it’s a brand new day, not realizing that their world as they know it has already begun to cave. I’ve heard so many of you complain about how hearbroken you are that your children have been taken from you, as has our niece, and I want you to know that the spotlight is about to be turned on, and the rats will be scurrying for cover.

For what they have done for these last 10 years or so, which is to literally steal children from their homes, scar them for life, and destroy so many honest families, for the almighty dollar, is unconscionable. And yet, every day for all these years, they schemed and plotted and colluded and thought they were oh-so-smart. Well, everyone who eventually gets caught thinks they were so smart, so powerful, so above the law, that they won’t ever get brought to justice. Remember the role that Jack Nicholson played in a few good men? At the end, Tom Cruise GOT HIM, didn’t he?

Well, in our niece’s case, my wife Kathey and her attorney gave DHR Labrisco Cook, GAL Denise Burch, and Judge Billy Jackson every possible opportunity to correct their errors. In fact, we filed motion after motion after motion after motion. And yet, through sheer arrogance, they all stuck together like little thieves smiling at how much power they had. Well let’s watch and see how much longer they’ll all be smiling, because Judgement Day is coming, and I’m thinking that they have no answer for the questions that they’re going to be asked, on behalf of every innocent family that has had a child ripped from them with no just cause and never returned. Stay tune – and sleep well knowing that the noose is slowing starting to tighten – and they have no idea…….yet. But they will…..

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears – Shakespeare

DHR and Family Court have gone unchecked, in effect stealing children and wrecking homes for FAR TOO LONG!

Let’s band together and show our full support as we make our case to the US Attorney, the FBI and the ACLU. This is a HUGE CASE because it involves THOUSANDS of families whose rights have been ignored and whose lives have been destroyed!