So much has happened since going to Washington D.C. in February. Most importantly, we confirmed that virtually everyone in D.C. is corrupt, and that there will be no action from them to change the course of the corruption in our courts.

The issues that each of us have faced in corrupt family courts in Alabama by kangaroo courts is just the tip of the iceberg. Throughout the country, in virtually every courtroom in the country, the depth of corruption is so rampant it’s almost unimaginable.

There’s no way to fix the corruption in D.C. because D.C. is simply the head of the snake. The corruption starts there, and sets the tone for the country.

The only way to bring about change is through peaceful revolution. The leader of the Revolutionary Party is Bill Windsor, a 64 year old, 40 year married Vietnam Veteran with a clean record who traveled to all 50 states in 2012 recording the stories of hundreds upon hundreds of victims of our corrupt courts.

Now, having given D.C. the opportunity to take action, and having been rebuffed, the only choice is to create a new party and elect our own, honest people who agree to sign a contract with the voters they represent to vote in our best interest or face grand jury indictment and prosecution.

The Revolutionary Party is gaining ground fast. Already, tens of thousands of us are part of a grass roots organization to find an honest candidate in each jurisdiction as an alternative to the two corrupt parties that are currently destroying our country.

Please take the time to watch this video and to explore the links. is the new revolution, and we believe that peaceful change is possible. We simply need to hire new, honest representatives instead of re-electing those who have no interest in serving our best interest.

Unfortunately, this means that there are no quick answers and no short-term justice for the victims and families of courts that have made decisions that harm the children, the parents, the grandparents, etc.

We have contacted everyone up to and including Mr. Obama, and have been rebuffed at every level. So our work is cut out for us, because based on the effort that we extended and the depth of our contacts and commitments, it is estimated the the court system on every level throughout the country is a 10-12 trillion dollar annual business, so nobody has the interest or power to change it.

But we CAN change it by creating a new party, and now is the time. The Revolutionary Party is simply a group of victims that want fair representation and for our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be respected and honored.

Here’s Bill Windsor to talk to you about what’s wrong with the Country and what the Revolutionary Party plans to do to fix it. Please join us – the future of our country depends upon how many people become part of our peaceful Revolution!

Lawless America
Bill Windsor feels corrupt judges and government officials who ignore the Constitution should be charged with TREASON

Courier Journal wimps out……won’t run our ad!

Tom over at the Courier Journal won’t run our ad any more. He says it’s starting to feel like a “vendetta.”

Asking others if they’ve had what they feel is unfair treatment that resulted in the loss of their child, or their parental rights, is an HONORABLE endeavor. After all, if a child is taken without just cause, and if parental rights are terminated without just cause, and if nobody speaks up and says “ENOUGH!” then why would anyone ever expect the practice to stop?

For those who have had a child taken with no just cause, who now cannot see their child and/or have been swindled somehow out of their parental rights so the child is gone from their lives, the loss is mourned every single day just as if they were kidnapped, or in the case of lost parental rights, as if  they’re gone forever.

The monsters that take these children just so they can benefit, at the expense of the child and their family, should be ashamed of themselves. But to not run the ad because it “feels like a vendetta?” REALLY?

Why not just say: “I was walking down the street, and the weirdest thing happened. I LOST MY BALLS!”

So chalk one up for the “Good Ole Boys” network. They stopped an ad from running.  Wowie! BIG victory! Like there’s no other way to get our point across in Croney-ville.

We’re well organized, well funded, and your feeble attempts to slow us down are comical. In my humble opinion, your time would be better served finding a good criminal lawyer, but hey, what do I know. You keep trying to stop our ad as if that’s going to help you somehow.

DHR Labrisco Cook, Guardian ad litem Denise H Burch, Judge Billy Jackson, DHR Supervisor Sara Hendershot, and Commissioner Nancy Bruckner, together, collectively, You STOLE OUR NIECE, and we WANT HER BACK, ALONG WITH AN APOLOGY and the REINSTATEMENT OF THE GUARDIANSHIP RIGHTS THAT YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY!!!