Lawless America is organizing Nationwide Filing of Criminal Charges against Corrupt Government Officials and Others. How would you like to see your judge, attorney, ex, or other evildoer indicted, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned?

This article provides a lot of information —

After we all file our charges all on the same day in May, we will start working on the next step in the Lawless America Revolution plan: putting these criminals on trial and take action to seek reparations (payment and other action) to right the wrongs we have endured.

Now, we need you to do several things if you want to participate:

1. Email with CRIMINAL CHARGES in all caps as the subject line if you want to consider filing criminal charges. Include your name, address, and phone, as well as fax if you have one, and a link to your Facebook page. We will need your exact mailing address for some of the documentation that will be prepared. Identify the state and county or counties where crimes took place in your case.

2. Go to and click the LIKE button. This is a new Facebook page for us, and it is vital that we have everyone as a “LIKER.” If you don’t have a Facebook page, simply go to and register. Facebook is used in the promotion of this project and in the exposure of the criminals, so you need a page. You do not have to put any of your personal information on your page.

3. Go to and ask me to be a FRIEND. I will accept.

4. Go to and click LIKE. If you can, take a second and comment on the video. You need a account to do this. It’s free, and you don’t have to give any personal information. You should also go to and click on SUBSCRIBE

5. When you are logged in to Facebook, go to this page on — – Click on LIKE, and then click on each of the links in the story, and then click LIKE on each of those pages. We want Congress to see big numbers.

6. When you are logged in to Facebook, go to this page — and click to JOIN. This enables us to easily send you and everyone else an email with updates.

We’re picking up steam and momentum, so let’s all get on board and bring criminal charges against every one of these judges who have abused their position and authority!

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  1. Could you please contact me I have no one to help me and DHR took my girls and they are being harmed. I don’t know what to do please email me back. Thanks for your help and time.

    • Unfortunately the system is so corrupt that there are no easy answers. We never saw our niece again after DHR Alabama stole her. The problem is that many of the attorneys are just part of the problem, so it’s hard to know who to have to represent you.

      There is a site that was started by a former family court judge who has a link that allows for posting to look for an attorney to help. Here’s the link:

      I wish we could be more help, but this is a country-wide problem, and actually a world-wide problem, and children are being taken every single day with no accountability. We’ve been to Congress where we put a DVD in every Congressman and Senator’s hand documenting tons of Family Court abuse and mistreatment of families and of children. The result? Not ONE Senator or Congressman ever even acknowledged receiving it.

      Nancy Schaefer was a Georgia State Senator who made it her life goal to bring change to the way DHR and Family Courts throughout the country treated children and families and she was murdered in her home along with her husband for her efforts. There’s just too much money being made as a result of the stealing of the children to be able to turn it around. It’s money that the states rely upon, and need for their budgets. So there’s no way they’re going to change it. In fact, they’re rather kill for it.

      I wish I had better news. Perhaps you can find an “outside” attorney who will be willing to fight for you and your children. We wish you all the best and we hope it turns out well for you and yours.

  2. Going to or writing to Congress is a 100% waste of time,Congress is the ones to allow what’s going on today. They allow corrupt Legislation to fund their big “De-mo-cracy”,hell how do u think the Slave holders stay in business,all Congressmen are nothing but bought and paid for corrupt sellout “dogs”,they allow all the borrowering money from foreigners to go on rather then print their own money and back it up by Gold & Silver to get out of this slave debted Country.But that’s the big problem now,this is what they all what a debt society of slaves.Only way we can get out of this if we all rally at the same time and march right down to U.S. Attorney General’s Office and file Federal felony criminal complaints on all Judges who are corrupt,all Attorneys who are corrupt,and anybody else who is corrupt we file against them to along with all class A lawsuits against the Fraud that has been committed against American People and its Citizens thereof.We need not keep placing info on Facebook and MySpace,their all C.I.A. ran to usurp against the American people on how they can make strategy against us.These Private Corporations like C.I.A. and Homeland Security are all put there to enslave us and to stop our movements on what we can and can not do,and placed here to watch us like big brother.We must all be Cognizant of what’s going on behind the scenes,these people will stop at nothing to bring in this illuminati one world order! And again, Congress is down with them,but we need to roll in strength and in numbers…Peace Be Still with u All in this struggle of Fraud,Deception,& Lies from the so-called de facto government!

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  4. I am suing the county of cattaruagus and the county district attorneys office. These people have gone over the top and filed false documents along with violating my right to a speedy trial. They have withheld other documents and persuaded others in the county building to engage in official misconduct. The sheriff is aware of the crimes committed , however, he claims that the county attorney has directed him NOT to investigate my complaint. Unbelievable !! I have all court documents and video as well as audio tape of these illegal activities. My phone# is 716-353-1014

  5. I need to file a complaint against a judge who never gave me a hearing in my case against my daughter he just went an ruled by what letters she wrote to the court I live in Hampshire County in Capon Bridge WV I have talked to 2 Attorney’s and they both said I got the shaft with this judge Please I need help Thanks you for your time

  6. Some one please help my mom forsed me give up mybprental right I thought I was going to see my kids she took and I didn’t see for month next thing we were front of judge then I didn’t see them for two years itsb been 4 and half years ago now I did get them for nsummer till I took them to doc in the time she has had them she never gave dental care or medical all have serious med disabilitys I’ve tried to make dcfs investigate and nothing I live in co they in ut. Our local cps aned sherrif say with adoption degree she can’t get charges please help us they are all being abused and my 14 got put in mental facility please please from day she took them to day of adoption decree with I just seen for first time it was 9 month .

  7. Judge and friend get together to help friend lady which was my wife steal my property and house. What charges can I charge to judge with?

    Woodman vs. Doering: Charleston, SC.
    The intentional discrimination of this judge will make you sick. She is still on the bench to after countless request for investigation. A/V transcript vanish.

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