The Conspiracy against us is much bigger than we thought!

Here are the simple facts:

1. DHR has little to do with the safety and welfare of children.

2. The more children they have in the system, the more money the make.

3. They have no regard for the families they destroy or the lives they ruin.

4. The entire system is corrupt, so there’s rarely ever any justice.

5. The fact that they are destroying families is a plus for them.

These 5 points sound like they don’t make sense, but to anyone who has had their child stolen, and has been unable to remedy the situation, will tell you first-hand that once they take your child, the odds of you ever getting the child back is small, the scams they run are extensive, the legal maneuverings are dirty, and ultimately, time after time, they win because it’s one big conspiracy with tons of money at stake.

The evil that’s gripped our nation, at this point, is astounding, and in fact, overwhelming. As I write this, we are being invaded by illegal immigrants many of whom are jihadists, from 74 countries world-wide.

While DHR’s throughout the nation disrespect our children and our families, they continue to allow illegal children with unknown diseases and no medical screening into our country to infect our children.

I expect this fall and winter to be the beginning of the fiercest battle in world history, on our streets, here in America. I believe that America, and Americans throughout the country, are at serious risk of the same battle as we’re currently seeing in Israel, in Iraq, and so on.

The illegal invasion of our great country was funded by a $6.5 BILLION bill which went into effect on 10/1/13. So when people say that we should call our congressmen, the sad fact is that THEY are the ones who voted to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to FUND THE DEMISE OF OUR NATION.

I wish I had better news for you, but the facts are that the government has no respect for the family unit, no regard for the safety or well-being of your family and your children, and no concern as to whether or not a real safety issue exists. It’s a matter of money, of control, and of destroying as many families as possible.

The only thing I can suggest is that you prepare at this point for the war that lies ahead. If you are not stocked up on food and water, weapons and ammo, first aid and medicine, communications and meeting areas, you need to get busy TODAY.

Go to to read up on how to form defensive teams in your neighborhood to protect your lives and property when the time comes. There’s also a general supply list, and a story of a Bosnian survivalist who survived what I believe that we are about to face shortly.

Few recognized the abuse by the social workers, the courts, the government itself. The late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the brave truth seekers, and she and her husband were murdered as a result of speaking out.

The fact remains that evil has gripped our nation, and not only are our children not safe, and not only are our families not safe, from government intervention, but shortly, they will try to kill us with disease, then with jihad, then with loss of electric, and so on, to achieve their goal of destroying America itself and replacing her with the North American Union, which is a combination of Canada, America and Mexico. Google “petreous after america what” for more information, or feel free to direct your questions to me.

For more information, go to this link:

God bless each and every one of you and may all be safe and survive what’s coming.





Sunday, September 29, 2013

Families torn apart illegally? Heather Catallo investigates

Posted: 05/09/2012
By: Heather Catallo By: Heather Catallo

(WXYZ) – When protective services take children from their parents, state law says a judge must first personally review the case and sign off. But that was not happening in one of Michigan’s busiest courts.

It’s called “rubber stamping,” and last August 7 Action News first exposed how court staff were literally stamping a judge’s name onto orders that allowed the state to take kids from their parents.

After our investigations – the rubber stamping stopped – but no one has ever been held accountable — not the judge, not the chief judge or child protective services.

“Why was this allowed to happen in your court,” Catallo asked Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Leslie Kim Smith.

Smith is the presiding judge at the James Lincoln Hall of Justice, the county’s juvenile court. It was her name that had been stamped on removal orders. And legal experts tell us, that stamp allowed children to be taken from their parents illegally.

Here’s a look at how the practice called “rubber stamping” came to light.
“I knew the system was broken, but I didn’t know it was this broken, where anyone, literally anyone could come and take your child,” said Maryanne Godboldo.

Godboldo’s case made international news after she was accused of firing a gun after police officers and child protective services came to take her daughter in March of 2011.

They showed up at her door after Godboldo told two local agencies that she was working with her doctor to wean her daughter off the controversial anti-psychotic medication Risperdal.

Godboldo’s lawyers say those agencies reported her to CPS. And after that happened, a caseworker used a rubber stamped court order that a judge later called invalid to take then 13-year-old Ariana from her mother.

Under Michigan law, unless it’s an emergency, where a child is in imminent danger,Child Protective Services workers are supposed to request a hearing in front of a judge – where the parents accused of neglect or abuse can tell their side of the story before a child is removed from the home. But court insiders tell us that wasn’t happening in Wayne County.

Testimony under oath in the Godboldo case revealed that caseworkers routinely took their petitions to probation officers inside the court, who would then stamp Judge Leslie Kim Smith’s name onto the removal orders.

“It is completely illegal,” said Joshua Kay a professor with the University of Michigan Law School’s Child Advocacy Law Clinic.

“What does that mean for the children of Wayne County,” asked Catallo.

“What it means is that they are in greater danger of being removed from their homes unnecessarily,” said Kay. He added, under Michigan law, a judge must personally review a child removal order.

“I think it’s important to emphasize the tremendous impact of a decision to remove a child. It is one of the most wrenching things that can happen in a child’s life, in the life of a family, and it changes people’s lives forever,” said Kay.

Last August, the day after the 7 Action News Investigators confirmed that the rubber stamping had been going on – the court stopped doing it.
After we exposed the practice, the State Supreme Court Administrator’s Office, or SCAO, sent a memo to all the family courts in the state, recommending they review their procedures.

An SCAO official also told Wayne County’s Chief Judge that the rubber stamping must stop. The court is now using an iPad for their on-call judge to review after-hours child removal orders electronically.

But we knew there was more to the story—how many children had been taken illegally? How long had rubber stamping been going on?
Some court insiders tell us, it’s been happening for decades. But those are questions no one seems to want to answer.

Last fall, we asked the court in writing for all their records on removal orders going back to 2009. But they won’t provide them. And guess what? The court doesn’t have to because it’s not subject to public information laws.

After Judge Leslie Kim Smith and her boss Chief Judge Virgil Smith denied our many requests for information, we caught up with the juvenile court judge on her way into work.

Judge Smith tried to pass us off to the court’s lawyer – the same one who denied our earlier requests for information on child removal records.

“We’d like to talk to you – it was your name on those removal orders that was rubber stamped,” said Catallo.

“Alright, well you need to talk to Liz Kocab, who’s the general counsel for the court,” said Judge Smith.

“But it was your name on those removal orders – why was this allowed to happen in your court,” asked Catallo.

“I understand,” said the Judge.

“Are you going to talk to us or not,” asked Catallo.

“Have a good day,” said the Judge.

We also asked the state’s Department of Human Services, which oversees protective services, for the same information. They wanted to charge us $32,742 for the public records request.

Following one of our first stories a year ago about child removals, DHS Director Maura Corrigan refused to speak to us on camera.

The day after our investigation aired, Corrigan wrote an opinion piece in the Detroit Free Press. The headline: “Removing children from families always follows legal procedures.”

Now that that’s been proven to be false – we asked a DHS spokesman if they have been trying to determine how many children may have been wrongly taken from homes with invalid court orders.

“We did not review all court orders, as that is not proper procedure on our end. Instead, in recent months we have focused our attention squarely on addressing structural deficiencies within the system. The goal here is to go at the root cause, and not the symptom. To that end, we have worked with Senator Rick Jones and the State Court Administrators Office, which has resulted in Senate Bill 320, one that requires a written order for removal and clearly addresses after hours procedure. That bill has now passed the House Judiciary Committee and sits currently before the full house. We testified in clear support of this bill,” said DHS spokesman David Akerly.
“This system is destroying the future of America. And if something is not done about it, we won’t have a future,” said Godboldo.

Maryanne Godboldo is now suing the state, Wayne County, and Detroit police for illegally taking her child.

As for her criminal case for allegedly firing a gun — a judge threw it out—because he said the removal order used to take her daughter was not valid, and he said there was no evidence presented that she fired the shot.

Read more:

What does this all mean? It means that the very system that is suppose to protect our children and our families is the number one enemy of both.

But then again, when we look at our federal government, we realize that the same applies to them. Which means we have lots and lots of fighting to do!

Kathleen Raskin and Rob Raskin are two people who call for a massive overhaul of Child Protective Services throughout all 50 states.

One Judge with the cahones to DO THE RIGHT THING!

Could this be the end of secrecy in ‘child protection’?

Sir James Munby, an unusually humane and intelligent judge, is bent on rolling back the blanket of secrecy that has concealed many horror stories from public view

Sir James Munby says orders to remove children from their parents ‘are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make’

Sir James Munby says orders to remove children from their parents ‘are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make. By Christopher Booker 6:15PM BST 07 Sep 2013

To the ever-growing number of us who have been trying to expose the corruption of our state “child-protection” system as one of the most shocking scandals in Britain today, there is no question that a judgment published last week by Sir James Munby, now the most senior judge in our family courts, is a very significant legal landmark. For several years I have been explaining here how this system could not have gone so horrifyingly off the rails, with thousands of children being removed from their families for no good reason, if it had not been able to hide its workings from public view behind such a wall of secrecy, going way beyond what our lawmakers in Parliament intended.

In the name of concealing the identity of the children, which all statute law is concerned to protect, not only has this been widened out into a ban on reporting anything that goes on in our family courts (along with a similar ban on aggrieved parents saying anything to anyone about what is happening to them), but it has also been made a punishable offence to reveal the names of judges, local authorities, social workers or anyone involved in a case. I am even not allowed to indicate, however vaguely, in which part of the country a case is taking place. All this is supposedly in the cause just of protecting the identity of a child.

It is the groundswell of anger building up over how this secrecy prevents either parents or journalists from revealing what too often appear to be terrible travesties of justice that Sir James Munby, the recently appointed President of the Family Division, has decided to face head on, by issuing his carefully considered judgment in the case of “Baby J”. The immediate issue was that the father of four children removed by Staffordshire county council had infuriated the social workers by going wild with rage on Facebook, publishing not only the names and pictures of his children, but also those of social workers – along with a volley of abuse at the people he saw as having destroyed his family.

Before ruling on an application from the council for a complete ban on all this, Munby devoted most of his 26-page judgment to the more general question of whether the secrecy imposed on such cases has gone too far. Since the abolition of the death penalty, he says, the kind of orders a judge has to make on whether children should be removed from their parents “are among the most drastic any judge in any jurisdiction is empowered to make”. When a young mother is forced to lose her child, she and the child may have to live with the consequences of that decision for, respectively, 70 or 90 years.

In light of this, says Munby, “public debate and the jealous vigilance of an informed press have an important role to play in exposing past miscarriages of justice and in preventing future miscarriages”. He emphasises that if confidence in the system is to be “maintained or, if eroded, restored”, it is vital that its workings should be as open to public view as possible. The answer to criticism of “secret courts” must be “more speech, less enforced silence”.


Protecting children 03 Sep 2013 Sir James goes on to consider other issues, such as those raised by the increased readiness of anguished parents to tell their stories on the internet, ruling that these should be subject to the same restrictions as are applied to reporting in the press. But when he finally comes to ruling on the council’s application for a complete ban, he strikes out all the items not referring directly to the identity of children or their parents, allowing the naming of Staffordshire, social workers, “expert witnesses” and pretty well everything else.

This is such a startling challenge to prevailing practice that we will have to watch carefully to see how widely Munby’s principles are now followed. Clearly, this unusually humane and intelligent judge is bent on rolling back that blanket of secrecy that has been used to conceal so many countless horror stories from public view. But I recall one recent case in which a mother described her agony when her newborn child was snatched from her arms while she was breastfeeding. She quoted to the court an earlier Munby judgment, in which he trenchantly ruled that such an action was clearly in breach of “the imperative demands of the European Convention on Human Rights”. The only comment from the bench was “other judges can do what they like, but this is my court”. Now Munby is head of the family courts, we shall see whether his fellow judges accord him more respect.

Adoption madness:
The itch to give children that have been removed from their natural parents to gay couples for adoption (rather than, as in several cases I have followed, to responsible and loving grandparents), is getting into ever more of a tangle. Last week we had the story of the 87-year-old vicar who refused to christen a child because both the lesbian adoptive parents insisted on being described in his parish register as the child’s “mother”. A more “modern-minded” priest was found who was quite happy for the child to be recorded as having two “mothers”.

At least this tale did not have such a tragic outcome as one widely reported in South Africa in April, when two lesbians were tried for the murder of their four-year-old adopted son. An employee of the couple testified that the crime had been committed when the women became increasingly angry at the boy’s refusal to call one of them “daddy”. The more dominant of the partners was sentenced to 25 years for beating the child to death, the other to 22 years for being a “passive participant” in his murder.


Clearly, this is a world wide problem. But as the saying goes, “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” People like Judge Billy Jackson of the Lauderdale County Family Court, Denise H Burch of Burch law group, supervisor sarah hendershot, district attorney chris connolly, commissioner nancy buckner, DHR workers labrisco cook and patricia miller, DHR florence alabama and Family court florence alabama, should all be 100% ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for participating in this “farce for profit.” It is hoped by my wife, Kathleen Raskin, aka Kathey Raskin, and by me, Robert M Raskin, aka Rob Raskin, that our children and our families become safer as a result of the integrity of people like the honorable James Munby as opposed to the DIS-honorable Judge billy jackson and his cast of lying cowards who steal children for a living under the guise of trying to be helpful to the children and to their families.


I’ve known Vicki for years!

She is a fierce opponent of the corruption that takes place every day in every state in the nation.

Vicki asks: How many more children must die at the hands of the so called “protectors”. Wake up America! Your children are being sold into slavery and abused and murdered!

Here’s two articles that Vicki posted, so you know that you are not crazy and that you are not alone!

The good fight continues to STOP THE PRACTICE of stealing our children and then using them for ILLICIT PURPOSES on top of it.

People like judge billy jackson at the florence alabama family court, attorney ad litem denise burch of the burch law group in florence alabama, and lauderdale county dhr workers sarah hendershot, nancy buckner, labrisco cook, and patricia miller, and district attorney chris connelly, are just examples of everything that is wrong with our “protective services” throughout the country.

The fact is that they steal our children often for no good reason, telling us that it’s for the child’s own good, and then we never see the child again in many cases. It’s nothing more than kidnapping, it’s totally illegal, and yet it happens every day.

The late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke out about this for several years before she and her husband were viciously murdered to shut her up, no matter what the media tells you.

On March 5th and 6th 2013, Lawless America bravely and boldly went to Capitol Hill with 750 distressed parents who had lost their children illegally. They hand delivered a CD with over 100 hours of testimony along with a printed package explaining the problems that families today face with regards to “protective services” throughout the country continuing to steal and to sell, rape, murder or commit to a life of porn or prostitution, OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN, all for the almighty dollar.

Out of all of the Congressmen and Senators, NOT ONE OF THEM either showed up for the numerous presentations that Lawless America made, nor did they send even a secretary to give the topic any attention at all.

It is CLEAR that they have NO INTENTION of helping us. So every day, they continue to do whatever they want to do to destroy the lives of our children. And when a parent occasionally snaps and either attacks a cps agent or takes their own life, the media, IF they even cover it, just makes the person sound like a nut and points to the “protective services worker” as obviously making the right choice to remove the child since the parent is “obviously unstable.”

Well, WE ARE NOT UNSTABLE! They are STEALING OUR CHILDREN, they never give them back, and they often use them for TOTALLY ILLICIT PURPOSES!

My wife, Kathleen Raskin, (Some of you know her as Kathey) and I have worked behind the scenes to contact lawyers, judges, aclu, law firms, the FBI, the attorney general, and the governor of Alabama. We’ve sent packages of information to over 40 different people or organizations that we thought would be able to help.

Yet to this day, every day, children in Alabama, throughout the country and throughout the world, continue to be stolen to be used and abused as sick people see fit.

The late Nancy Schaefer summed it up perfectly in one 4 word sentence. She said:

“They need the inventory.”

That’s all our children are to these sick, twisted people. There’s a saying that goes:

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” and that’s exactly what has happened here.

Kathey and I wish we had better answers for you. We are sick when we hear your stories. We’d love to reach through the phone and make each situation better.

We do know that Shawn McMillan is an attorney in California who is doing some great things there in terms of successfully suing DHR workers directly and winning, but the laws are different there than they are in Alabama.

And we know that there are organizations such as which is run by a former Family Court Judge who resigned from the bench to help us to achieve justice.

But for the most part, world wide, there is much to do, and no help from any source that has the power to help.

We hope that by continuing to raise our voices, perhaps one day the practice of stealing children, destroying families, and then destroying the children, will stop.

For now, we can only wish that everyone that has been consumed by the evil that allows them to act so heinously will have an attack of conscience, realize how much damage they’ve done to so many families, and start making amends.

Though clearly, all amends come way too late for all of the families and children that they’ve already destroyed, all in the name of the almighty dollar and of satisfying totally perverse needs.

Feel free to contact Vicki. I am sure she would love to hear from you.

Vicki Lambou


I last posted about the state of our country because the reason why we’ve made virtually no progress with the corruption of the DHR’s throughout the country is because of what’s occurring within the country.

This is an example of what’s happening now:

*This is a window into the future, all under the guise of cultural diversity. If you live in an area affected by the influx of Muslims, we’d like to hear about it. Please read this and share.

Governor Haslam prepares us for Sharia Law Compliance in Tennessee
This time Governor Haslam brings Shariah Law to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Three curious moves recently to “ready” Tennessee for a perceived infiltration of Sharia law.

The sad fact is that it appears that our country is about to be taken over by force. We will no longer have the protection of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, as the USA will cease to exist as we know it.

Under Sharia law, women and children are just property. They have no rights. And as you can see by the number of Muslim Brotherhood appointees to the government, we’ve certainly been infiltrated from within.

Now this is not to say that we can’t win the war that’s about to be waged against us. We have millions of people in this country that will fight to defend it, and millions of weapons in their hands.

I suggest that you visit, and I suggest that you are prepared to the greatest extent possible.

Weapons, ammo, food, water, radio, etc. Research and find a list of items that you need to have in order to be able to survive if the power grids are shut down and the banks are closed.

If you want further information, please let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

May God look over us and help us to take our country back and restore the morals and values that made America great!


I sure wish I had better thoughts for you, and I could be 100% wrong, but here’s what I think is happening right now in our country.

I think that Obama has enough Islamist camps set up now throughout the US, so that as we get more involved in the Civil War in Syria, these Islamists are going to rise up and there’s going to be pandemonium in our streets.

I believe that the government is going to declare Marshall law, the banks are going to closed, the stock market is going to collapse, and millions of us are going to perish.

The government is ready with 2 billion bullets and millions of body bags, coffins and mre’s.

Closed bases located strategically throughout the US have been converted to prisons, guards have been hired, and FEMA has it’s own “army” of soldiers ready to fire upon citizens to restore the order that the government has created.

I know this sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, but I believe 100% that 2012 was the last free election we will ever see in this country. I believe that sometime between 2013 and 2015 we’ll see a total breakdown of our nation as we knew it.

The attack on our children and on our families is only the tip of the iceberg. They’re about to descend our nation into a state worse than we were in during the depression. They’re ready with 25,000 armored vehicles to patrol our streets. They can hold 25,000,000 domestic terrorists right how, and they not only have millions of body bags and coffins, they already have mass graves dug in strategic locations in strategic locations throughout the country.

The only thing that can give us a glimmer of hope would be for our military to defect and defend and uphold the Constitution and the people of the US, which is why Obama is terminating Generals or forcing them to retire early if they won’t fire on Americans.

I’ve spent the better part of this year preparing for what I believe will be the darkest period in human history. I believe that Obama and the Jihad that he is supporting in Libya, Egypt, an Syria to name a few, and soon to bring to America will make Hitler look like an Amateur. Hitler was responsible for 20 million deaths. I believe that when the smoke clears world wide, Obama will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, mostly Christians, throughout the world.

So, have weapons, ammo, water, water storage, water purification, food, first aid, medication, etc. and a radio that runs on generator along with a generator that runs on propane or natural gas if you have it. Be ready to “bug out” if you have to do so, if you hear that soldiers or Muslims are coming your way. Have a truck, a 4 wheel drive if you can, so you can get away from a threat. Have several destination sources printed out so you can decide where to go, because as soon as this happens, there will be no more access to cell phones or the Internet.

There is a much more clear and present danger to all of us now, so it’s time to step back, look at the bigger picture, and get yourself ready to be able to fight off a mob mentality, or bug out if fighting is not an option.

Let’s get busy protecting ourselves.

Until Next time,

I’m Rob!


The United Nations is handing down orders to destroy children and families. It’s all apart of the New World Order.

The UN Agenda 21 plans on breaking up families and controlling all children by the state just like the former USSR.

The Agenda for the 21st Century has been given approval by George Bush senior, Bill Clinton and most leaders of other countries.

UN Agenda 21 for Dummies: Depopulation of Planet Earth

The objectives for Agenda 21 are:

At 1:28 mins the abolition of private property, the restructure of the family unite, restrictions to individual freedom

At 2:18mins undermining of the family

At 5:40mins children will be cared for by the state

At 5:50mins a generation of children will be stolen by the state to indoctrinate them into accepting this new way of living as being normal

At 6:25mins a transfer of loyalty from the family to the government

At 7:40mins children will be intentionally under educated to dumb them down because educated people consume more resources which is bad for the environment.

Stock up on Food
Get a Generator, Water Purifier, First Aid Kit
And plenty of weapons and ammo


It’s inevitable in my humble opinion.

Until Next Time,

I’m Rob!


So, new legal paperwork received today indicates that NOW, the very same DHR attorney who was IN Billy Jackson’s Kangaroo Court when my wife, Kathleen Raskin, (Kathey Raskin) who had LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP, was DENIED her right to even speak, and who witnessed Judge Jackson’s CLEAR DENIAL of her rights, and saw our niece being given back TO THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH WHO GAVE HER AWAY AND SIGNED OFF PARENTAL RIGHTS SO AS NOT TO HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT, is now claiming that the Court erred because our niece was 18 years old.

Now he KNOWS that in the event of a disability, the age becomes 19, and there are other legal issues involved, but NOW THAT HE CAN SEE that Billy Jackson, in cahoots with Denise H Burch of Burch Law Group, and others, overstepped any and all prudence, NOW he’s evidently claiming that since our niece was 18, that NOBODY should be legal guardian of our niece.

Evidently the fact that she has been on disability since she was tested many years ago and determined to have an IQ of 60 is NOW of no consequence.

I am assuming that by taking this court action, which will most probably be rubber-stamped in yet another Alabama Kangaroo Court, that our niece will be free to live on her own.

So, instead of placing her in Scope 310 to teach her life skills, which is what we wanted for her, they first put her in harm’s way, by relocating her to where she is now, and now evidently the DHR attorney is now trying to release our niece completely from any oversight at all by anyone.

It’s amazing that DHR has NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED what would have been in the BEST INTEREST OF OUR NIECE.

So, I am putting DHR and the State of Alabama on notice. We are CONTINUING TO MONITOR our niece’s welfare, and as you all continue to take action, and as the result of that action continues to cause our niece harm, EACH OF YOU WILL ANSWER FOR YOUR ACTIONS in BOTH CIVIL COURT AND CRIMINAL COURT as allowed.

And don’t be surprised if, in addition, you all get to star in the movie :-))

Until next time,

I’m Rob!

Robert Raskin, Rob Raskin



Reprint from Sholanda Speaks:

In Judge Jackson’s Courtroom

Family Evicted From Home

A Guest Commentary By

Concerned Lauderdale Citizen

“Judge Billy Jackson does not understand how to structure his docket efficiently.”

“Judge Billy Jackson does not know the law.”

You, readers, may decide for yourself if the above comments are true. I only repeat what I have recently heard from others. Ask your own questions, and find your own answers, for you are paying the man’s salary of over $100,000. Would you pay anyone else who is not doing his job adequately?

There are currently cases from Fall, 2011, which still await a ruling from Judge Jackson. There are emergency motions from this past Spring which have not been addressed, as well as current emergencies.

And I have heard a detailed story from a previously credible source which puts Judge Jackson in a very negative light. It seems he is using his authority to hurt families rather than help them.

Judge Jackson gave a mother and her children only hours to vacate their home under threat of eviction by sheriff. They had to leave behind almost everything they owned because there was so little notice from the court. The mother had previously followed every court order and was not prepared for this decision because she was waiting for the judge to rule on competing orders.

Judge Jackson allowed a deadbeat dad to move back into the house who has not complied with court orders for more than five years. Judge Jackson has known for many months that the deadbeat dad has refused to provide court ordered life insurance for the mother and the children. The mom had suggested to the court that their marital home might secure the dad’s life insurance obligation to her and to their kids, and she was waiting for the judge to decide. But the judge denied her request at the exact same time that he ordered her and the kids to vacate their home. Judge Jackson also knows that the kids have never spent a night with their dad in five years, and they refuse to live with him.

The deadbeat dad is also in contempt of court on other issues, both present and past. But Judge Jackson has refused for many months to even set a date in court for the trial to address the deadbeat dad’s contempt of court. Apparently, the dad has been in contempt of court before on several things. This particular deadbeat dad also stalked and threatened the mom and had a Protection from Abuse order enforced against him by Judge Jackson.

Yes, readers, you read correctly. Judge Jackson is aware that the mother is in compliance with court orders and always has been while the deadbeat dad is not in compliance with court orders and never has been. Judge Jackson ordered a mother and her children out of their home with only hours notice, so they are now homeless. But the deadbeat dad now has two homes.

And Judge Jackson has done nothing to secure the court ordered life insurance for a mother and children. The deadbeat dad might fall over dead at any minute, and it would be Judge Jackson’s fault alone that they did not have their mandated life insurance. I remind you readers that Judge Jackson has refused for months to even set a court date.

What is Judge Jackson doing? According to what I am hearing, he has some explaining to do. I am concerned about the mom and her children, even if Judge Jackson is not. I will follow up to let you know what happens in this case.


We’ll add to the above commentary that we have heard complaints concerning the circuit court clerk’s office and its inability to schedule, rather than Judge Jackson’s. The same was said of Judge Jimmy Sandlin’s court. What is the truth? We have no idea, but hope the problem, no matter its roots, can be corrected as quickly as possible.


A former family court judge in California is speaking out against a system that is “not about justice, but all about dollars.”

Former Family Court Judge Denise Salcedo said she was trained to ignore allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence, which led her to make a decision to award custody of a 5-year old girl to her father, who continued to sexually abuse her and subsequently, 2 of her friends, until he was finally caught and convicted.

Judges would routinely get together in a judges meeting and accuse the moms who bring up allegations of sexual abuse or domestic violence as either “she was just having a bad day” or “she must be on her period” according to the former family court judge.

This happens all throughout the country. By some estimates, the Family Court Circus is a $25 BILLION a year industry, and realistically, it’s probably incredibly more than that when taking the income generated from prostitution and child pornography.

Though this is happening every day throughout the country, and throughout the world, our beef continues to be against those who conspired to steal our niece and to put her in harm’s way.

We will NEVER forgive or forget the illegal theft of our niece by Judge Billy Jackson of the Florence Alabama Family Court, Lauderdale County Family Court, of Denise Burch, representing Denise Burch Law, who is a Guardian ad litem, meaning she benefits financially by taking the child away from the parent so when she goes to court, she does so with a FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to destroy a family! So if you’re sitting near her in Church, ask her if she feels that she has a rewarding job, and listen to the B.S. that comes out of her mouth.

Other bit actors in the Family Court farce include Labrisca Cook, Nancy Buckner, Sara Hendershot, Patricia Miller and Chris Connelly, just to name a few.

Every one of these people should be serving life sentences for kidnapping and for conspiracy to commit crimes against nature. Every one of these folks know exactly what they are doing, which is to conspire to steal children from their homes for profit, place them in foster care and eventually sell them to the highest bidder even though THEY KNOW that the chances of these kids being abused is 5-9 times MORE LIKELY after being taken away from their homes, depending on which source is cited.

Parents are routinely lied to, paperwork is often misrepped, especially to poor parents or those with limited education, and meetings are often conducted “ex-partee” meaning behind the parent’s back and often without their knowledge. The conspiring thieves, such as Judge Billy Jackson, Denise Burch law, Chris Connelly, Labrisca Cook, Sara Hendershot, Patricia Miller and Nancy Buckner huddle together in the sanctity of the Lauderdale County Family Court (a.k.a. Kangaroo Court) and decide to terminate parental rights and take a child away from their family, never to be seen again.

PET SHOULD NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY, LET ALONE CHILDREN!!!!!! But as ex-Family Court Judge Denise Salcedo said, “it’s not about Justice. It’s all about the money.”

The fact is that the State of Alabama earns more money by taking a child away from their family then by working out a reconciliation plan or by awarding the child to a family member. Judge Billy Jackson, Denise Burch law, Chris Connelly, Labrisca Cook, Sara Hendershot, Patricia Miller and Nancy Buckner know that often times the family is NEVER EVEN ASKED if they want the child, because the MONETARY GOAL is to steal the child and put them in the system.

As the late, great Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, who was allegedly MURDERED trying to bring this topic to light, once said: “Children are taken because states need the inventory.” Think about that for a second. It’s no different that a supermarket stocking their shelves with items for sale, except that the DHR’s, the FAMILY COURTS, the GAL’s, and the JUDGES all play act this farce that they’re looking out for children while actually stealing them from their families for profit because “they need the inventory!”

Senator Schaefer also said that “poor families are targeted because they have limited education and limited means to defend themselves.”

This happens every day in every state in America, and in many countries throughout the world. Stealing our children with no due process is, from a financial perspective, a HUGE BUSINESS that has ABSOLUTELY NO REGARD for the SAFETY OR WELL BEING of the CHILDREN they are sworn to protect.

There are multiple you-tube videos from ex-Judge Denise Salcedo, who we admire for standing up against the system. We wish her well and we hope that one day, people with a conscience will outnumber those without a conscience, such as Judge Billy Jackson, Denise Burch law, Chris Connelly, Labrisca Cook, Sara Hendershot, Patricia Miller and Nancy Buckner, and that changes will be made to protect our children and stop destroying families.

In the meantime, please see other posts on this sight regarding how to file criminal charges against your judge – YEP – IT’S COMING BILLY – and how to file a Civil Suit against your offenders, county, city and state such as the $20 MILLION SUIT filed by the Reale Family and so many others that are pending throughout the country – YEP – THAT’S COMING TOO, Judge Billy Jackson, Denise Burch law, Chris Connelly, Labrisca Cook, Sara Hendershot, Patricia Miller and Nancy Buckner!!

You folks drew first blood by stealing our niece. Then we learned how many times you folks committed these crimes against other children and against other families.

May there be life sentences and financial ruin in each of your futures……….

Until next time………..

I’m Rob!