The Types of CPS Reports and Understanding Your Situation

If you’ve found yourself at this blog, the chances are that you are involved in allegations against you from CPS or another like entity in your location. As a parent, you may not experience anything more heart-wrenching than to have your children taken from you without due process. You’d be surprised about how much that these types of cases have in common. There are typically three types of CPS reports, and knowing your situation could help you understand what courses of action to take in order to improve the outcome.

Child Neglect or Abuse

Not all CPS reports are unfounded. There are people out there who abuse unlawful substances and/or intentionally hurt, abuse, or molest their children. Child Protective Services is called because of bruises beyond what normal children naturally occur or because of evidence of malnutrition. These instances are what CPS should be trying to stop. However, if you’re doing your research on this specific topic, it’s unlikely that you abuse your children and are probably finding an overwhelming amount of corruption in the system because of money and greed. It’s more pertinent to the topic at hand to discuss the other two types of situations.

Being Victimized by a Personal Vendetta

It’s not uncommon for individuals to use children in order to get back at someone for real or perceived injustices against them. CPS is then used as a weapon in order to exact their own personal brand of revenge. Why a parent would exploit their kids in this way is beyond me, but I have witnessed it first-hand.

Imagine an ex-spouse is only granted custody of their child on weekends because they’re unemployed and the other parent is more well-equipped to be a provider. Let’s also say that on one such weekend, that individual takes their child and promptly files a restraining order against the custodial parent, claiming that they’re physically abusive. In this particular case, the court granted the restraining order, did not send the child back to the custodial parent, and began a lengthy court case based on zero evidence, costing the first parent an exorbitant amount of lawyer fees, etc. This all happened out of the spite of the first individual. Lengthy court battles can be costly, and for families that can’t afford legal fees, such circumstances can be simply detrimental, especially to the well-being of the child.

Flat-Out Corruption in the System

Because of the loopholes in the “Adoption and Safe Families Act” (1974), it’s not uncommon for some social workers to be motivated by financial incentives to make allegations against families. They, along with the corrupt judges on their side, receive financial kickbacks for every child that is adopted out of foster care, so the more children that are put into the system, the more money they receive. This flaw in the system is what Nancy Schaefer spent her political career trying to fight, and it’s what unjustly victimizes many families across the country.

With this type of case, you may find that a social worker is being overzealous about normal parenting struggles and blowing circumstances out of proportion in order to make you look bad. Last year, CPS in Florida took an eleven-year-old from his parents because he was playing outside, waiting for his parents to come home since he had forgotten his house key. He was alone for only 90 minutes, but the parents were arrested for negligence despite there being no minimum age for supervision to be required and had to be subjected to parenting classes, forced to pay for day care, and to admit they were wrong for letting their child play outside. Let’s also note that the boy was in the yard within view of the home.

Battling corruption in the system is even more difficult than proving that you’re being victimized by someone’s personal vendetta. That’s why it’s important to continue to raise awareness about the problems in the system.

Nancy Schaefer’s Murder Indicates Extensive Corruption in Child Services

The legacy of former Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia extended into the realm of activism, especially in regards to her opposition against Child Protective Services. In 2007, she wrote a report seeking to expose corruption in the system, a report that she later claimed lost her the seat she held in the Senate. The idea behind her allegations is that the process involved in taking children from their families caused children to be wrongfully stolen from loving families. It’s worth it to say here that some children actually are abused and rightfully taken from harmful situations; this isn’t what this article is about. The subject here pertains to families that have had parental rights taken away with little justification and without the chance to plead their case.

CPS Taking Advantage of Loopholes

Essentially, the “Adoption and Safe Families Act” (1974) and its later federal adoption in 1997 paved the way for social workers and even judges to exploit families in pursuit of lucrative gain. Federal funds are legally allocated to professionals in the system as bonuses for every child that is adopted out of foster care. This seems like positive and perhaps even noble legislature, but the unintentional lucrative incentives from abusing the process have ended up causing more pain for children, the ones this bill is intended to benefit.

In order to take full advantage of the financial gains allowed by this bill, more children need to be put into foster care. Thus, greedy individuals then pull children away from their families without due process and enjoy the revenue that rolls in. Schaefer sought to put an end to this practice, pull funding from Child Services, and give law enforcement the jurisdiction to rescue abused children rather than the social workers in order to ensure the proper due process for affected families. The extent of this corruption extended all the way from lowly social workers to judges who purportedly received monetary kickbacks. Perhaps the corruption extends even deeper as Schaefer often asserted that she lost her seat in the Senate due to her pursuits to end this unconstitutional practice. People benefitting from the flaws in the system would have motive to stop Schaefer at all costs.

The Murder of Nancy Schaefer

According to the official reports, Schaefer’s husband killed her and committed suicide, allegedly motivated by financial issues. There are a number of strange circumstances around the situation, particularly because of the increase in recent death threats the couple had been receiving that were potentially due to Schaefer’s political beliefs and activism. There was also no indication from Bruce Schaefer that finances had been bothering him to the point of such a heinous act, especially because the couple still owned assets that outweighed the main source of their financial troubles. What is most concerning is that Schaefer was in the middle of a video to expose the issues in the Child Services system, one that would extend beyond the realm of her political career and transcend into public knowledge.

With such feeble motives tempered with an overwhelming amount of questions and inconsistencies, Nancy Schaefer’s murder doesn’t seem like a domestic tragedy between her husband and herself. There was far more political and profit-oriented motivation surrounding her life’s work of sticking up for families that had no voice in the system and taking away opportunity for CPS to treat children as merchandise to fuel a profit mill with zero accountability. Nancy Schaefer will be remembered as an individual who led a life in service to those families, and we truly lost a dedicated activist and inspiring person.

A Judge in Texas Gets it Right!

As our child welfare system continues to deteriorate nationwide, it was a breath of fresh air to hear that a federal judge has come to the same conclusion. In Austin, a Federal Judge ruled that the state of Texas has violated foster children’s constitutional rights to be free from an unreasonable risk of harm, stating that children “often age out of care more damaged than when they entered.”

This is just a first step in examining a very flawed system that’s based on an extremely slippery slope. The ruling states, “Years of abuse, neglect and shuttling between inappropriate placements across the state has created a population that cannot contribute to society, and proves a continued strain on the government through welfare, incarceration or otherwise.”

The class-action lawsuit was served by the an advocacy group named Children’s Rights, Inc, and the suit argued that Texas caseworkers are currently assigned too many children for them to effectively monitor, and that the children are being placed too far away from their original home, many times in settings where they are not receiving adequate care.

U.S. District Judge Janis Jack was asked to order the state to take greater steps in hiring more caseworkers to alleviate the problem of insurmountable case loads, an issue of which Judge Jack met head on. The judge also mandated that the state should stop placing certain foster children in unsafe placements which include group homes that do not have 24 hour supervision.

Texas’ Child Protective Services division is one of the largest child abuse investigation and foster care services. A ruling in favor of Children’s Rights will make substantial changes at the agency, and will force state lawmakers to reconvene for a special legislative session with a special emphasis on reform.

This is one major step towards nationwide recognition of a system that shatters parents and families every day. Education is always key, and without it we will be unable to address and tackle an epidemic of this kind. There’s strength in numbers, and the movement to protect our families just gained a ton of momentum. We must fight this horribly inefficient, biased and unethical system – one step at a time. This was a step in the right direction.

Adoption is now Big Business!

There are a few social entities that come with a positive public connotation to them. Adoption is viewed as a process for those who elect to give back to the world while taking children to care for. It’s up there with what is considered to be one of the more humane acts of life, and there are countless cases where adoption not only saves a child’s life but is equally rewarding for the parent.
It concerns me that adoption has turned from such a beautiful gesture of warmth, love and community to what many would consider private enterprise. While it may sound that adoption is solely focused on the needs of society; pairing children who do not have parents with established adults capable of care, today, Adoption is a 13 billion dollar industry.

It seems that wherever there is a dollar to be made, close by you will find the justification behind the corruption fueling the billion dollar pipeline. In this case, how can we trust the motivation of the adoption industry? Parents want children, and in the law of supply and demand, the supplier must meet the demand to capitalize on the profit. For this reason alone, there has been a great increase in homes that are broken up and kids parceled out through the same system that originally vowed to honor and protect them.

You may have heard the adage “it takes a village to raise a child,” well it seems that the village needs to start protecting them. Certainly there are millions of children who benefit from being placed in a home that betters their situation, however, the motivations behind keeping the adoption industry running as what I would consider a full fledged business is morally sick and corrupt.

One search for “adoption corruption” and fingers (on the web) point to international practices and mentions some corrupt practices that relate to human trafficking and some other shady topics. However little to no mention of what is going on right here at home.

There are agencies, both domestic and international that have flawless ethics and do not relent in their standard to simply help bridge the gap between children in need and families who can help. However, the middle ground… The gray area that no one seems to discuss at large is what needs attention. Our families are turning into prey, by a corrupt justice and social system. We must stand up and let our voices be heard right now!


Improper Diagnosis of Infantile Rickets Results in Removal of Child

This is just another example of how devastating an improper diagnosis can be and just how difficult it can be to reverse the damage that has been done. Proud parent, Rebecca Wanosik, is fighting to regain custody of all five of her children after a pediatrician misdiagnosed her two month old child as a victim of child abuse.

The series of unfortunate events began with Wanosik taking her daughter, Zeydn to receive medical care for a broken arm and three fractured ribs. The pediatrician failed to properly diagnose Zeydn with infantile rickets and assumed that the child must be a victim of abuse. This false conclusion led to the pediatrician making a call to the state child protection services that removed all of the children from the home and placed the children in foster care.

Desperate for help, Wanosik consulted with endocrinologist, Dr. Michael Holick who concluded that Zeydn suffered from a vitamin D deficiency along with a connective tissue disorder that was responsible for causing the injuries. Now Wanosik must wait on the state’s decision to whether she will be able to regain custody of her children. “Our children have suffered enough, and it is time to rebuild our lives to establish a new sense of normalcy together. It is time to start healing.” Wanosik said.

CYFD Worker Charged with Sexual Exploitation

In what appears to be a never ending narrative of corruption and abuse, another worker whose job it is to protect children have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation to include two counts of child solicitation by electronic communication device, criminal sexual communication with a child, sexual exploitation of children and sexual exploitation of children by prostitution. 18-year employee of Children, Youth and Families Department in Santa Fe, NM, Benjamin Anaya, 50, is accused of paying girls between the age of 12 and 14 for nude photos. Santa Fe police used an undercover officer who posed as a 14-year-old girl while chatting with Anaya online to catch the CYFD worker in the act. Anaya was arrested when he had agreed to meet for sex. Police state that most of the victims were contacted through Facebook and text message.

Biker Involved in Waco Incident Loses Custody of Adoptive Daughter

Anyone that has followed the events that have taken place at a local restaurant in Waco, TX are aware that nine people  lost their lives in what appears to be a shootout between several motorcycle groups. While the tragic loss of life and Hollywood movie style boldness of the event remains the main story that the news and media are paying attention to, there is another tragedy taking place as a result of this very unfortunate incident. Proud adoptive parents Rob and Marilyn Bucy have lost custody of their adoptive daughter with very little recourse to reverse the situation.

Rob and Marilyn Bucy had custody of 5-year old Alyssa who they were in the process of adopting from the State of California when the unfortunate events took place that day in Waco, TX. Rob was not a direct participant in any of the violence that happened. He was arrested none-the-less as overzealous law enforcement officers attempted to sort through the mess that had unfolded. While Rob was being held in a Waco jail alongside 176 others bikers arrested in the same event, Marilyn received a “notice of emergency removal” from California officials, who had halted the family’s planned adoption. The notice stated that Rob was now considered a threat to the child’s safety and ordered Alyssa to be removed from the home. Marilyn was forced to comply and turn Alyssa over to the State of California who has now been placed with another family in California. Both Rob and Marilyn are unaware of where Alyssa is and have no way to contact her.

Even with the support of their Texas caseworker, the Bucys were not able to deter the emergency order and are now at the mercy of an appeals judge to reunite their family. “I really feel that I have done everything I could do to show the court, show the judge, that we love her…this is our daughter,” Rob Bucy said. “She’s here with family, she needs to come home.”

11 year old taken by CPS for playing in yard, parents charged with felony

This is another example of Florida child protective services overreaching their authority and attempting to criminalize loving parents. This past April, the parents of an 11-year-old boy were 90 minutes late arriving back at their home due to inclement weather and traffic. Their 11-year-old son waited for his parents to arrive at the locked home by playing basketball in the yard. A concerned neighbor made a call to the police who arrested the parents for category 3 felony neglect. Once the parents were arrested, the two children (11 and 4) were placed in child protective custody. This situation is especially bizarre since Florida does not have a minimum age for children to be left alone.

The parents were reunited with their children only after the older boy begged the judge to reunite the family. While the civil issues in this case are now resolved, the parents still have a lengthy legal fight ahead since both parents are still facing a felony conviction. Learn more about this story here:

6 children are seized from family simply for camping

Michigan CPS and Otsego County Sheriff deputies removed 6 children from the custody of Christopher and Antonia Hernandez for temporally living in tents. What makes this story so bizarre is that the family was on the 9th day of a camping trip! All six children were taken from their parents from May 19th – June 10th and were only returned to the parents as a result of the mother and the children having ties to the Tlingit Native American Tribe. Native American families are protected against actions taken by state officials under the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act that makes it more challenging for state officials to break up Native American families. If this family had not been Native American, these children would still be stuck in the system.

The entire incident stems from a summer long camping trip that Christopher and Antonia hoped would introduce the children to nature. The family had purchased a shower pass to bathe at the local state park that was not far from the campsite that was equipped with a generator, propane cooking stove, solar lights, plenty of food and 30 gallons of water. The children were sharing three, 9-men tents that provided plenty of room to accommodate the children and any of their possessions.

CPS officials stated that the living conditions lacked a power and a water source and therefore created and unfit environment. Christopher and Antonia said in a joint statement. “This was not a case of neglect, but a case of the government telling us how we have to raise our children – that we must have running water, we must have electricity and we can’t stay in the tent for the summer. To the government it makes no difference if the children are happy and healthy. We need to conform to their idea of normal or they can take your children away.”

Learn more about this story

DHR director of Jackson County resigns amid accusations that children are not safe

This is a story that was originally reported by the Huntsville Times on April 19th 2012. Even though this story has a little age, it helps to illustrate just how long DHR corruption has been taking place. The first step towards making a difference starts with understanding just how corrupt this system truly is.

SCOTTSBORO, Alabama – The interim director of the Jackson County Department of Human Resources has resigned amid claims by a state assistant attorney general that children under the agency’s care are not safe, but local officials deny the state’s claims, The Daily Sentinel reported.