So, new legal paperwork received today indicates that NOW, the very same DHR attorney who was IN Billy Jackson’s Kangaroo Court when my wife, Kathleen Raskin, (Kathey Raskin) who had LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP, was DENIED her right to even speak, and who witnessed Judge Jackson’s CLEAR DENIAL of her rights, and saw our niece being given back TO THE ONLY PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH WHO GAVE HER AWAY AND SIGNED OFF PARENTAL RIGHTS SO AS NOT TO HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT, is now claiming that the Court erred because our niece was 18 years old.

Now he KNOWS that in the event of a disability, the age becomes 19, and there are other legal issues involved, but NOW THAT HE CAN SEE that Billy Jackson, in cahoots with Denise H Burch of Burch Law Group, and others, overstepped any and all prudence, NOW he’s evidently claiming that since our niece was 18, that NOBODY should be legal guardian of our niece.

Evidently the fact that she has been on disability since she was tested many years ago and determined to have an IQ of 60 is NOW of no consequence.

I am assuming that by taking this court action, which will most probably be rubber-stamped in yet another Alabama Kangaroo Court, that our niece will be free to live on her own.

So, instead of placing her in Scope 310 to teach her life skills, which is what we wanted for her, they first put her in harm’s way, by relocating her to where she is now, and now evidently the DHR attorney is now trying to release our niece completely from any oversight at all by anyone.

It’s amazing that DHR has NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED what would have been in the BEST INTEREST OF OUR NIECE.

So, I am putting DHR and the State of Alabama on notice. We are CONTINUING TO MONITOR our niece’s welfare, and as you all continue to take action, and as the result of that action continues to cause our niece harm, EACH OF YOU WILL ANSWER FOR YOUR ACTIONS in BOTH CIVIL COURT AND CRIMINAL COURT as allowed.

And don’t be surprised if, in addition, you all get to star in the movie :-))

Until next time,

I’m Rob!

Robert Raskin, Rob Raskin


3 thoughts on “AND THE DRAMA CONTINUES…………….

  1. The article above sounds about right. In my fight to maintain custody of my granddaughter, Mackenzie, Judge Jackson couldn’t decide where my legal rights were going to fit in so he allowed Deborah Bell Paseur, attorney for my ex-daughter in law, make the decision for him. That worked out really well, since she was the opposing attorney! She was to write a brief stating the reason why it was not legal for him to give shared custody to me and my ex daughter in law. When she wrote the brief, my attorney told me that the brief did not have anything to do with what it was supposed to be about. My son also petitioned the court for custody of the child but each time his case came to court Deborah Bell Paseur, entertwined the juvenile case and his divorce case so that there was always legal issues that nobody could understand and Judge Jackson always allowed her to disentangle the matters. If the court documents could be read, one could see that each time court proceedings took place, and Deborah Bell Paseur stated to the court the terms she was asking, and the order was signed by the judge, it was clearly stated word for word, exactly as Paseur had asked it in court.
    So yes, Judge Jackson runs a kangaroo court and Deborah Bell Paseur has positioned herself right in the middle of it and is as dirty as the next person. Yet these high powered people sit in their “mightier than thou” seats and put children back in dangerous situations even though there are other alternatives available, and they wonder why teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse, run rampant in the state. Well Einstein, it is because these “know it all” judges and crooked lawyers play Russian Roulet with these poor innocent lives and place them back in homes with these adults as their role models. Therefore they grow up in an environment with this inappropriate behaviour, because it is seldom that these adult role models are able to maintain sobriety.
    I would like to become more involved in this fight because I would love to see some of these decisions be brought out more publicly and answered to. WHY was the decision made. Tell me why you chose to put my granddaughter back in the home with a mother who had no more concern for her safety and well being, and has place her in harms way more than once by placing her in a car and driving under the influence of who knows what drug and also admitted to taking drugs the entire time she was pregnant. WHY is she fit to be a more proper influence in this child’s life than someone who never did any of those things to endanger her life….. Just because she gave birth, don’t make her an automatic mother!

  2. I am now three years out of the original written lies about me and my grandchildren and which were reported to Bessemer Cutoff DHR by a drug-addicted daughter-in-law and her mother who is a county supervisor of DHR who has helped her daughter in these lies and have actually added to them. I still do not have my 4-year-old granddaughter who has been in harm’s way all of her life. I have not been able to get anyone to help in this nightmare that has lost me and my husband all of our retirement money, which we do now really need. We are about to lose our home and everything we have worked all of our lives for because of lies that were published in DHR courts in which we have yet to be able to present our facts. I’m very sick because of the abuse that we have had to suffer as a family because of one drug-crazed girl (known by all courts in the DHR system now. Buit, mother is keeping her job and keeping her daughter away from harm. What can an honest Christian family do against the laws of what so many of our family members fought, and lost limbs and lives for? Where is our America where we grew up? It is time politicians and government agencies cleaned up their “see through” self serving laws? Where do we citizens go? Anyone know and can give me an answer; and, I will go there.
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Mr. Raskin,
    My prayers and heart are with you and your loved ones, and to all the victims of the lawless justice of Alabama’s family kangaroo courts. My personal experience involves the counties of Lauderdale, Colbert and Franklin.

    And Mr. Raskin, these horrific people/monsters (not human beings) will be exposed. Now, as to prosecution…I seriously doubt it.

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